Friday, September 23, 2005

- plushieus brinjalus damnus farnius -

currently listening to - final fantasy piano collection
mood - shitty. but i've already been to the toilet.

let me introduce u a chinese idiom - "一分耕耘,一分收穫", which means something like (a.k.a not direct translation) "if u put in this much of effort, u'll receive this much of reward". this statement is made based on the assumption that one will definitely b rewarded if he puts in effort.

a-ha! this is where the problem lies. the truth is, sometimes even if u put in so much effort that u're quite sure ur hard work will b paid off, in the end u'll only c pathetic results (i meant this based on logical circumstances, not sth like.. trying to fly a rocket using brinjals =p). so y bother trying when the situation is not 1+1=2(no lame jokes here, pls.)? y not prevent urself from getting devastated (whoah.. wrong word.)... depressed which will aid nothing but shorten ur life?

im tellin u. life is just too complicated. u cant predict what's gonna happen simply by using differential equations or maclaurin's series or chi-square test or nine-tail test or.. what have u. just like the other day, when parrot inserted coins worth one can of ice tea into the vending machine but fantastically 5 cans of that came out. n another day when stone wuz happily rolling back to its original position when suddenly it got ambushed n ended up having fever for 3 days n almost missed the fun of enjoying dance night on the 2nd day.

so in conclusion, we've found out something. that i wuz talking nonsense n stating things that others hav thought of long b4 i've mentioned. n that things i said in the previous paragraphs have absolutely nothing to do with things that i'll b talking about in the next few paragraphs. n that my blog today will only start after this paragraph. with that, i shall thank u for reading the whole chunk of nonsense up there. gracius muchus. let me give u a word of praise. bagus. oh, but if u didn't read, then good for u. then again, u probably wont b reading these few lines if u hadn't read those b4 them.

told u im feeling shitty. that's y i need to do something to de-stress. like.. typing out nonsense on the blog with super high speeds. good exercise for the mind n the fingers. oh yeah. then tomorrow i shall go bang on the piano right(stop, if u're gonna do something after reading that certain word). hey wait. it's already tomorrow (staring at the alarm clock).. but the music room is so expensive. plus the pianos there r in such bad shape. oh, that's y i can afford to BANG on them. gah, lousy pianist. doesn't know how to take good care of musical instruments. hey wait. this pianist doesn't even know how to take good care of himself. or rather, his future.

c, this is what happens when u're all alone in the room early in the morning (way too early, n cozy too.. no it's cold.) in a shitty mood n don't feel like sleeping yet - talking to urself.

by the way i'm now using a very cool wallpaper (a bit out of the topic..). just learnt that i can take screenies of my own laptop screen. idiot computer noob. that's a bit redundant. anyway. took a screenie of my msn chat wid dear darling who lives 5-hr-car-drive away from me currently. then i edited it by adding desktop icons n arranging them nicely so that the entire thing doesn't look like a wallpaper. then i deleted half of the icons (which i don't normally use) so that i can con people who use my laptop. also, i shifted my real taskbar to the side of the screen instead of keeping it at the bottom n auto-hid it. lalala. i had fun conning my juniors.

speaking of which, i've watched ff7 advent children yesterday (man, what's the link..). i wuz quite surprised that apparently there're a whole lot more people watching this movie currently.. i wonder y. 1st i got inspired by anata to download it. then aki watched it too. then, out of nowhere, hamster came asking me whether i've watched it b4. then, apparently in one of the loveless live journals, people r discussing about the movie "loveless" in ff7 which it's ad can b found in the scene about 5 to 6 minutes into the advent children show.

weird. this is way too weird. n it's getting freaking cold. so i guess i shall stop talking to myself for now.


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