Wednesday, December 31, 2008

- ranranru♪ -

30 december 2008

one of my most eventful days in year 2008. sadly.

met up with my mom and my sister, and Edmund, at Shibuya’s Kobeya. talked about his stay in Japan, film festivals, his newest short film and such.

at 3pm, we split up - my sister and i stayed in Shibuya in search of a Softbank store. time to repair my mobile phone. it shuts down and restarts every minute, and restarts whenever i want to send a message. we thought we had enough time before the Ohmiya concert hall’s doors open (5pm).

but it turned out that an hour wasn’t enough. we wasted some time walking around the display section, and finally queued up at 3.30pm. the notice board said, “expected wait time: 60 minutes”. ……………sigh. in the end we waited till 4.40pm. dashed out of Softbank at 5pm.

by the way the concert’s called 「ニコニコ年忘れ大感謝祭2008~Music2.0の息吹~」 and it’s held at the big hall of Ohmiya Sonic City. we reached at 6pm, and half of the event goods were sold out. 1,600 people crowded around the entrance waiting for the concert to start, including some of the Niconico Artists like… Jigiru, Zekkyouken, etc…

the 2nd floor seats were quite empty. actually, only the first 3 or 4 rows were filled. good view (didn’t have to use the binocular because there was a huge screen above the stage), although 1st floor looked much more alive and fun. the image is something like this…


____________________  ________empty________  _____________________

____________________  _____________________  _____________________

____________________  _____________________  _____________________

*scream* *mroarr* *aaaah*  s i l e n t  g a i j i n  t e a m  *silence* sis me *silence*

*scream* *mroarr* *aaaah* *silence* *silence* old lady *s i l e n c e* gomu



*chaos* *chaos* *chaos* *chaos* *chaos* *chaos* *chaos* *chaos* *chaos* *chaos*

*chaos* *chaos* *chaos* *chaos* *chaos* *chaos* *chaos* *chaos* *chaos* *chaos*

*chaos* *chaos* *chaos* *chaos* *chaos* *chaos* *chaos* *chaos* *chaos* *chaos*

*chaos* *chaos* *chaos* *chaos* *chaos* *chaos* *chaos* *chaos* *chaos* *chaos*

*chaos* *chaos* *chaos* *chaos* *chaos* *chaos* *chaos* *chaos* *chaos* *chaos*

*chaos* *chaos* *chaos* *chaos* *chaos* *chaos* *chaos* *chaos* *chaos* *chaos*

*chaos* *chaos* *chaos* *chaos* *chaos* *chaos* *chaos* *chaos* *chaos* *chaos*

*chaos* *chaos* *chaos* *chaos* *chaos* *chaos* *chaos* *chaos* *chaos* *chaos*

*chaos* *chaos* *chaos* *chaos* *chaos* *chaos* *chaos* *chaos* *chaos* *chaos*



umm yeah, i was obviously the noisiest person on the right side. the guys on both sides were uber silent and stone’d it looked as if they were watching a TV documentary. i was so pressured that i couldn’t stand up and cheer for even a split second. the lady sitting next to gomu (he came after his session ended) kept turning back and staring at us. they must have thought that i was very extreme and high. but isn’t that the point of a “band concert”? compared to those downstairs, we 2F residents were like moqsuitoes… and yes, there were middle-aged audiences everywhere, and also a group of foreigners sitting quietly, right at the center.

speaking of foreigners. someone came all the way from San Fransisco for this concert. dang, we Southeast Asians lost. lol…

did i mention our camera was confiscated at the entrance? neways, here’s the song list…

1st Stage - 海闘使馬馬ゴ縞兎 (kai-tou-shi-ba-ba-..go-shima-usagi??)

vocalists: gomu, zebra, usako

band: kaizokuou, toukon, shito, ogunya, nakamura ine

1. Omoide wa Okusenman - can’t miss this if it’s gomu’s concert. you can find this song even in karaoke.

2. World is Mine - hatsune miku’s song. told ya they’ll sing this.

3. Time Signal - hatsune miku’s song. 1,600 people’s cheerful “NI~CONICO DOUGA!!” shoutout was awesome.

4. you - a beautiful song from Higurashi. super zebra time *drools*

5. Black Rock Shooter - hatsune miku’s song.

2nd Stage - 嫉妬厨 (shittochuu)

vocalists: yuge, yonji, yamadan, sekihan

band: prkr, sandai, tissue-shi, ogunya, akai ryuusei

1. We Are! - one of the opening themes from One Piece.

2. Dancing Samurai - kamui gakupo’s song.

3. CHA-LA HEAD-CHA-LA - the hint was “national anime song” so i thought it’s gonna be Kyojin no Hoshi hahahahaha… turned out it’s Dragonball.

4. Makka na Chikai - opening theme of Busou Renkin.

5. Koi no Minoru Densetsu - from… Lucky Star?

6. Airman ga Taosenai - a Rockman song. can’t miss this too if you have yamadan.

3rd Stage - absorb

is it just me being over-sensitive or there weren’t many absorb fans that day? i know there are a lot of anti-absorb in niconico because absorb had their “major debut”, thus not “one of them” anymore. then again, most of their songs are original, and a lot of us didn’t know how to sing along… i knew only window, sakura and fire flower.

1. missing

2. window

3. Sakura no Ame - perfect song for graduation.

4. Fire◎Flower - kagamine rin’s song.

5. Bless You

4th Stage - 王族バンド (ouzoku band)

vocalists: piko, puriko

band: kaizokuou, [TEST], tissue-hime, intel ouji, akai ryuusei

1. Kira★Kira - opening theme of Kira★Kira. puriko has a nice voice, but it’s too squeaky that i went deaf for a sec…

2. Seikan Hikou - insert song of Macross Frontier. 1,600 “kira★” poses was fun to watch. oh wait, i forgot the dude beside me was stone’d all the while.

3. Butter-fly - opening theme of Digimon. this is when piko came in *kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa*

4. Koi wa Sensou - hatsune miku’s song. the megaphone part (after 1st chorus) was cool. piko kakkokawaii……

5. Lion - another song from Macross Frontier.

6. God Knows… - famous song from Haruhi.


vocalists, band: everyone

1. TRUTH - guitar duet of kaizokuou and [TEST]. kakkoii!!

2. Melt - hatsune miku’s song. as expected LOL. piko and sekihan stuck with each other when singing the song *kya*

list of songs that can be found in youtube:

Create a playlist at

to me, it was like a mass karaoke session, because i barely stopped singing (shouting) throughout the concert (apart from Time Signal, missing and Bless You, which i’m not that familiar with). unfortunately we were at 2F so we didn’t get any souvenirs. but we saw tissue-hime’s smile on the screen, was very pretty *shy*… and piko was carried by 3 guys (someone said he got kissed by Jigiru but i didn’t see it). then, kaizokuou, toukon and shito threw their guitar picks into the crowd, and also lost their T-shirts.

and so the concert ended. while my sister looked for her confiscated camera, i attempted (but failed miserably) to queue up for signature. which was impossible. i was just a metre away from zebra but the crowd was just… whoah. so i gave up, grabbed my sister, and we headed for the train station. my sister missed her golden opportunity to take a picture of tissue-shi, who materialized right beside her (some 30cm away from her). we saw sandai right in front of us too, but he got ambushed by this team of crazy fangirls. one of the girls was so touched she gave him a bear hug and squashed him. we couldn’t wait till we see piko and sekihan and the other guitarists, because it was already 10pm (had to catch the train fast before it’s overwhelmed by nicochu’s).

it was an hour’s journey to Hotel Komaba Eminence. Ohmiya - Shibuya - Komaba Toudai-mae. got out of the wrong exit, wandered for a bit, bought some food at the conbini, and finally arrived at the hotel. i had an assignment due 31st Dec (yes, New Year’s Eve!) so i was supposed to sleep immediately after supper and return home early in the morning. but we were too excited even a few hours after the concert… in the end, i had only 3 or 4 hours of sleep.

crap, this report is effing long.

(to be continued…)

Saturday, December 27, 2008

- this christmas -



Part 2


IT’S CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! heeheeheeeee… oh, i’m a day late.

actually nothing really interesting happened. apart from my sister’s X’mas concert. in fact i don’t remember what happened after the concert orz…

woke up late in the morning. had breakfast with my mom at Q’t. carbonara + salad + grapefruit juice. yum yum.

the concert was held at Chuo Library (the one close to Tsukuba Center). ima paste related youtube videos for some of the songs, just to make this post longer  >:3


1. Santa Claus is Coming to Town

2. Joy to the World

3. Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer

4. Jingle Bells


5. Rouge no Dengon – by 1st year girls. a song from Kiki’s Delivery Service a.k.a Majo no Takkyuubin. the one who won the best smile award = my sister *grins*. pity their voices were pwned by the piano  xD

6. Country Road – by 2nd year girls. a song from Whisper of the Heart a.k.a Mimi wo Sumaseba. very cute.

7. Shimauta – by the boys. there are only 3 boys in Takeko Choir. unsurprisingly i could only hear the main tenor’s voice. again the piano pwn’d.


8. Satoukibi-batake – i’ve always liked this song. especially “chichi ga shinde itta..” gives me goosebumps. i meant the lyrics.

9. Seishunfu – one of the songs sang at the National Choir Competition. this song creeps me out too (in a good way). good job  (~w~)b

10. Akogare

11. Aoi Bench – beautiful song. soprano good job.

12. Silent Night

13. We Wish You a Merry Christmas


like i said, i don’t remember what exactly happened after the concert…. i don’t know what to say. i think we (my mom and i) wanted to head out for dinner with my sister but she had a little party with her fellow choir members. so i went home (dorm) by bus.

X’mas 2008 was definitely less boring than X’mas 2007 (and most of the ordinary schooling days), though not a really exciting one.

now, it’s time to concentrate on my drawings again.


Friday, December 26, 2008

- last christmas -

my mom was sick. and so i bought 2 turkey drumsticks and the two of us celebrated (together with her birthday) in her dormitory. quite a sad christmas.

this year... to save me from tears (eh?)

i went to Disneyland with my sister again!!
(on the Eve. and went to her choir concert on X'mas.)

also listened to 社長's White Christmas (his pronunciation's not bad at all). and ゴム's 初めての恋が終わる時 -Hajimete no Koi ga Owaru Toki- (chaotic as usual). at their blogs, obviously. thanks for singing! 癒されたぁ~


Part 1

i was a tad bit too early.. (for the first time?)
^ bored *yawns* ^

^ got myself a cup of hot cocoa from Doutor ^

^ it’s cloudy (and cold as usual) today… ^

^ walked around in the Disney store (the one outside Disneyland) ^

^ みっきーまうす!!! (パランティス的な意味でwwwwwwww) ^

^ headgear hat section ^

^ mugcup section ^

then i received a call from my dad, “Where are you?! We’re waiting beside the ticketing booth!!!!”

alamak… *dashes*

*BGM: Kirby Gourmet Race*
^ dare yori mo hayaku hashirinukero~ ♪ ^

we entered Disneyland together, but went for separate attractions later. my sister and i were together throughout the outing though

first we had caramel popcorns. then we all took a boatride (and trainride). poor guide, she was trying to make all of us laugh with puns and jokes.


i wonder if she knew that half of the people on the boat were foreigners. or did she do it on purpose? :p


went canoeing with my sister. woohoooooo! we failed last year, because we bought the Starlight pass = cheaper but we could only enter after 3pm = the canoeing attraction closes once it gets dark. O ̄l_..

the guide’s trying to be interesting again.

(Hey look, wild deers! It’s a kind of species that only the ears and tails move. *grins*)


「あっ、野生のおじさんだ!!」 *points at an old man (mannequin) fishing by the riverside*
(Hey look, wild old man!)

*crowd bursts into laughter*

(There’s nothing to butt in, so let’s just leave him alone.)

*crowd grins*

not bad, bro.


as usual, we went for the merry-go-round and the teacup.

^ mweee ^

had a round of chaotic teacup spinning session again. this time we spinned together… i wonder how did it look like from the others’ point of view. all we heard was, 「おぃ、あそこヤバくねぇ?」

^ street performance? ^

^ …?! ^


lunchtime. my sister: chocolate cake + corn soup. me: seafood gratin + fries + coke. yum yum.

nothing special. umm… we were kinda affected by the surrounding atmosphere (many people around us had their faces stuck on the surface of the tables) and dropped dead for about an hour.


other attractions… umm… we managed to ride the Big Thunder Mountain roller-coaster. fun times. and chased after a Japanese couple at the motor race attraction.

^ ooooooh ^

^ i wonder what would’ve happened to me if there weren’t rails to guide the cars… ^


^ got this as a souvenir ^

went (back) to Tsukuba in the evening. thought i could make it for the X’mas Party but apparently the event only started at 9pm, so i decided to help my sister with making X’mas cards instead…

(to be continued)


Thursday, December 25, 2008

- time to take a break? -

from school. and from niconico marathon. (´・ェ・`)ゥゥゥ..


no pics this time, sorry.


sat for my Architectural Law test on Monday. didn’t prepare well enough, but i managed to solve 4 out of 5 questions. sounds pretty good? nah. as far as i know, everyone else solved everything. but i couldn’t be bothered. i had something more exciting on that day.

went to Chiba in the evening to have dinner with two certain Arashi fans *hint hint: S and P*, at Aiba-kun’s mom’s Chinese restaurant named China House Keikarou (チャイナハウス桂花楼). waited for about an hour before we settled down at our seats beside the window. yes it was crowded with people. because it’s 22nd December? it’s the beginning of the Winter Holidays, the eve of the Emperor’s birthday (*cough* and my mom’s birthday *cough*), and 2 days before Aiba-kun’s birthday..

we shared karaage (fried chickens), harumaki (spring rolls), ebichiri (chili shrimps), fried beef and garlic with vegetables. also ordered a bowl of charsiew noodles for myself. yum yum.

chatted with Aiba-kun’s mom for a bit before we left.

what comes after a sumptuous dinner? of course, karaoke! duh. (eh?)

yeah we had an overnight karaoke session at U-Style. the place is pretty cool. although it costed about �E�2,300(?) because it’s the eve of a public holiday, the facilities were good. a drink-all-you-want drink bar, an eat-all-you-want softcream bar (vanilla and chocolate flavours + various kinds of toppings), spacious karaoke room, fairly good mics (they didn’t run out of battery).. and we were lucky enough to get a room which is close to both the drink/softcream bars and the restroom. if i’m not mistaken, you could order food too (like pasta, pizza, snacks and such).

6 hours were just nice for us on that day. we sang lots of Arashi songs (though i’m not too familiar with these), some J-Pop, and i tried out a few…… otaku songs? like the ones in my niconico-related posts. S and P were like, “How the hell did you find these songs?!” well, if you watch with niconico long enough, you’ll know. um. yeah. once again i’m jealous of piko and sekihan. and tights-on. i couldn’t (or wasn’t brave enough to try with a mic) reach the high notes with my natural voice (as in, the non-falsetto voice) when i was singing Shakugan no Shana’s “Joint”. found a few things to practice on. *grins*

initially i didn’t plan to stay at Chiba (and what more, for 2 nights), but it was freezing cold and drizzling. so the 3 of us dragged ourselved back to S’s apartment. before we slept, i showed S and P a few niconico videos. i found it very amusing when P became anti-piko, because piko (even though he’s a “he”) could sing at a higher pitched voice than her. (hmm.. this phrase is so grammatically unsound. but you get it, right?)

a friendly (?) relationship between nikochu and janiota. how peaceful is that?


on the second day…

it’s an extremely.. lazy day. we woke up in the afternoon. or rather, i woke up just in time to have S’s homemade cheesecake. yum yum.

watched a few Arashi-related videos (including the latest Tensai! Shimura Doubutsuen). and we discussed (a bit) about the Tsukuba X’mas Party which would be held on the next day. S had baito early in the morning on the day after the party, so she had to leave by 9pm or 10pm if she were to go. whereas i would be going to Tokyo Disneyland with my sister and a few acquaintances the next day (on the same day the party would be held), and i would probably not make it to the party by the time i reach Tsukuba (unless my parents miraculously grant me permission to stay over at APLC’s apartment again). …… and P? she’s going to Osaka after X’mas. LOL.

in the evening, we watched a famous Peking Opera on TV entitled “Lady Warriors of the Yang Family (楊門女封E”. found lots of similarities between Chinese and Thai names. we also talked about other stories like “Jouney to the West (西遊訁E” and “Legend of the White Snake (白蛁E��E”. ah…… i haven’t felt so cina in a long time. hope S didn’t feel left out  :p

as for dinner, we thought of heading out, but it was too cold outside so we decided to hide in the apartment like hikikomori. had spicy mi goreng for dinner. and since it obviously wasn’t enough, we ordered pizza for supper. weeeeeeeeeeee~! fresh from Pizza Hut. yum yum. it was uh… half MayoQ (with barbeque chicken) and half seafood? i forgot.. thick crust. would’ve been better if it’s a cheesy crust though. received 2 cans of oolong tea for free too. crap i’m drooling now as i’m typing the contents out… i should stop describing.

midnight. uh.. i was supposed to sleep, so that i don’t die in Disneyland on the next day. but we were all too eager to watch a movie so…. oh well.

we watched Mirrors. ewww i hate typing this out.. my standing mirror is right in front of me. LOL. neways, the movie is based on a Korean movie called Into the Mirror. i believe i’ve watched it with someone when we were still at Osaka Gaidai. the reviews said, “good twist at the end”, so i was anticipating for a “good twist” which is different from the Korean version’s ending. but it turned out to be the same… *sighs*…… but the effects are kinda cool. like… the… bathroom… mouth… thingy. you’ll know if you watch it. S and P were so freaked out throughout the movie that they couldn’t get off the bed. so i had to do the clicking and fast-forwarding and describing the gross scenes and whatnot. as a matter of fact, i’ve never ever shut my eyes at these scenes (although i kinda squinted when watching Saw). it’s not like i’m not scared, i am! but i just don’t wanna miss the good parts. what’s the point of watching horror movies if you miss the grotesque scenes, right?

thanks to that, the images are still vivid in my mind. i’m thinking of moving my standing mirror away from the bed >____>

did i mention we watched the movie at midnight? oh yeah i did.

after that, we discussed about our “traumatic” experiences regarding horror movies. Juon ? thanks to Scary Movie, it’s not scary anymore. The Exorcist ? poor girl…… Emily Rose ? a little too intellectual? Saw ? …… nevermind. It ? both S and i were traumatised because we watched it when we were kids (hence both of us are afriad of clowns). Candyman ? for goodness’ sake. i haven’t watched the movie. S watched it. i heard the storyline from my dad, and because he’s an amazingly good storyteller, it scared the crap outta me even though i didn’t see it with my own eyes. the atmosphere became more and more thrilling, and the 3 of us squeezed ourselves onto the bed, cowering under the blankets. i tried to calm ourselves down so i started singing, but my voice seemed to have freaked them out even more. it was too funny i think i grinned in my sleep (eh?).

by the way, the song that i sang was the 2nd chorus of Uninstall. gomu version.

gomennasai ^^

Saturday, December 20, 2008

- niconico marathon: part 11 -

he's inhuman.

no i mean it.

he's a horse.

that's why he could play so many instruments.. well mainly keyboard (piano), guitar (+bass), and drums.

don't get the hang of it? just look at the videos. it takes some skills to be able to fake like that. or maybe i'm just too amateur to judge.

(2007年10月06日 00:42:06 投稿 再生:1,984,159 コメント:225,071 マイリスト:65,862)

(2007年12月23日 00:02:19 投稿 再生:890,901 コメント:132,744 マイリスト:27,474)

(2008年07月26日 01:50:14 投稿 再生:570,794 コメント:76,779 マイリスト:19,871)

(2008年03月18日 14:16:57 投稿 再生:511,789 コメント:65,675 マイリスト:19,384)

is it just me or the Skill video loads extreeeeeemely slowly..? oh by the way, his name is 中村イネ.


next topic.

he's so gonna sing this at the concert.

ワールドイズマイン(World is Mine). version ゴム.

band: 海闘使馬馬 (which stands for... 海賊王、闘魂、使徒、おぐにゃ、中村イネ)

Friday, December 19, 2008

- niconico marathon: part 10 -

he sounds so eroi.

"鮮血の誓い" version Re:
(originally sung by yousei teikoku)

maybe this is sing-able in karaoke. /gg


this is totally irrelevant but yeah..

it was piko's niconico debut's 1st anniversary yesterday. some of his friends celebrated (together with him) on the internet radio. and so i listened. he received a special version of the song "Melt" with messages from many people as a gift. and was congratulated by many niconico artists, including halyosy? d'awwwwww. he's so loved.

he sounded like a girl even when he cried. *evil grin*


something else which is irrelevant. but i thought it's cool.

Kirby's Gourmet Race song, rearranged with PC error sounds and such.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

- niconico marathon: part 9 -

no more presentations and reports for Architectural Design for the year.


not really.
come to think of it, i still have an undone report which is due on the New Year's Eve.
not to mention, my finals begin next monday.

i need something honobono.
umm... how do i explain this... >__>
whatever LOL.

"Konbini" halyosy version.


35円足りない 見間違えてた
レジに並んだ 会計待ちの人の視線
小さい声で やっぱりこれ、やめときます・・・

this just happened to me bout 2 hours ago...

got lots of food (tofu, chicken wings, and vegetable gratin) from the readymade bento store without realizing that i had only a piece of 1,000 yen in my wallet. didn't tell the lady at the cashier to just cancel my tofu... i asked for a tong so that i could eliminate some tofu to make it lighter (= cheaper).

problem solved? no, there's actually a continuation to it..

the food was cold, so i thought i should heat it up before eating. shoved the bento into the microwave without realizing that the plastic containers are non-microwavable. and so they deformed and turned out all sexy when i next took a look into the microwave. like i said, i just finished my last design assignment, i.e. i'm a Lv99 Undead (translation: "i'm exhausted"). didn't really care bout the looks of the containers and decided to eat anyway.

there's STILL a continuation to it..

i dropped 2 of the containers when i was trying to open the kitchen door. and the food. just. er... you know. *splat*

but like i said, i'm a Lv99 Undead as of now. didn't care bout the dirtiness. i just wanted to eat. so i picked up the chicken wings and threw the tofu away (the tofu's just a goner). thank goodness the gratin was fine. and yeah i ate the chicken wings without even rinsing them. hygenic much?


although this works too..
"Konbini" by Brief & Trunks.

used to sing along with my sister a loooooong time ago. when this song first came out?

さあ 親が寝たから 何でもやりたい放題よ! 何をしよう?
夜中じゃ友達寝てるし テレビもすでに砂嵐
そうだわ! コンビニ行こうかな!

さあ 不良を過ぎれば 自動ドアが私のために開いてくれる
エロ本読んでるオヤジとならんで 雑誌読んでから
何を買いに来たわけじゃないけど 買うものを探す

ちょっと おつりの渡し方!
私の手の平 勝手に使い 小銭をぶんちん代わりにレシート置くな!
財布に入れにくいのよ! ちょっとムカッとしちゃうのよ!
そんな時は 私からも仕返しするの

えーと えーと(何にしますか?)
えーと えーと(レジが混んできた)
えーと えーと(早く決めてくれ!)

なんてことしてるうちに 夜はもう終わりを告げて にわとりも鳴く
親が起きる前に お家に帰らなきゃヤバイ
Let's go to コンビニエンスストア

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

- niconico marathon: part 8 -

a.k.a mechakucha marathon.

found this version of Niconico Douga Ryuuseigun by ジギル(jegyll/jigiru).
he's this dude --> (ωдω)
who countinuously asserts (throughout the song) that he's a Lolicon.
is friend of... のど飴、どM、社長 according to the videos?

well actually he knows a lot of people in niconico...
one of my favourite NDRs. do note that listening to/watching..
the mp3 only △  the video 〇  the video WITH niconico comments ◎

too lazy to post the lyrics...... (e__e;;)

he has his version of Kumikyoku too:


another mechakucha (... or chaotic) person... タイツォン(tights-on)
crap... can't find the videos in youtube... (~_____~)
neways, the ones that i enjoy the most are his "Kanbu" and "Marisa". niconico links:

effing tongue-twister.... this is just worse than DameDame ahahahahahahaha..

p/s: tested out in karaoke. Marisa = easy. Kanbu = hopeless.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

- niconico marathon: part 7 -

went to Mister Donuts for the first time in 2 weeks, and realized that i have 450 unused points. was thinking of getting the blanket thingy but unfortunately it's already out of stock at my place... crap.

and i really need to re-organize my sidebar. it's in a mess.


zebra's version of "エアーマンが倒せない" ----> "エロゲーが終わらない".
he's the one who sang the Ballad version of Uninstall.

apparently this videoclip is famous? viewed about 1.4million times in Niconico and 1.7million times in Youtube when i pasted the link on my post =.=....

pity he had to retire (?) because he was caught..... err *searches dictionary*.. sockpuppeteering. i.e. he praised his own videos in the comments section, by acting as another person?

*casts Emo skill Level 10 on myself*

but seriously, i don't understand what's so bad about sockpuppets. i mean, okay it's annoying sometimes, seeing people praising themselves, but SO WHAT? so Koda Kumi carelessly said that "a woman's womb will rot after she turns 35". okay that sounds silly, but SO WHAT?? is it so bad that you people need to chase them out of your community? ostracise them? flame and bash them? tell me, what did they do to deserve treatments similar to that of criminals?

i'm not done yet. i could go on with other topics like favouritism, and sucking-up, and janiota (Johnny's otaku) vs nicochu (niconico addict), and stuff like that. yes i have the tendency to defend these kinds of people. maybe i'm one of them, i praise myself, i'm lack of common sense, i like to be everyone's favourite, i suck up. whatever. but this isn't the main point of the post, so i shall keep my thoughts within myself. for now.

*Emo abnormal status wears off*

well i guess this is the Japanese culture. shy = good. bold = keeeeeeel'em!!! whatever. i still like zebutan.


omake. zebra's ニコニコ組曲. ちょっとフリーダム (~w~)b

Sunday, December 07, 2008

- niconico marathon: part 6 -

one of my final reports is.. "Write a report on a live performance that you've been to/were involved in" which is due 12 Feb. at first i thought of my choir's annual concert, but unfortunately this year i couldn't get any tickets... and then i thought of.... niconico. which is one of my recent my-boom's (i.e. something that i'm addicted to). since it's the holiday season so there should be some concerts soon.....

and then i found this. niconico toshiwasure whatchamacallit concert thingy. ahaha i can't remember the title. neways, it's held in Saitama on the 30th of December. very close to my dorm. reasonable price. and most important of all.. I CAN SEE PIKO AND ZEBRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! huhahahahahaha.... oops did i just sound like a fangirl? bringing along my sister so that i don't look weird going alone.

but as i searched for more concerts, i found another one which will be held in Osaka on 24 Jan. i have.. finals... and... reports......... i really shouldn't have checked the list of artists who will be participating in the event... there's piko (not surprised). sekihan..... nodoame (omg).......... and.. jigiru (wtf..?!)......... shitshitshitshitshitshitshitshitshitshit.. LOL. ah well. i guess you gotta "give and take".

looking forward to the concert on 30th. i hope i could get the tickets >___>


speaking of January...

so this is what some certain person has uploaded on Youtube/Niconico on my birthday this year...
"1人、カラオケで歌ってきた その2" by いさじ.


1) 宇宙戦艦ヤマト(uchuu senkan yamato) ---- an octave lower. 低っ・・
2) 高校3年生(koukou 3nensei) ---- 古っ・・・
3) そうだったらいいのにな(sou dattara iinonina) ---- aha! notti notti aniki. i heard that... /gg
4) ヤッターマンのうた(yatta-man no uta) ---- you just wanted to sing the chinchin part..
5) 魔理沙は大変はものを盗んでいきました(marisa wa taihen na mono wo nusunde ikimashita) ---- ......... chaos. i woke my neighbour up when i first watched this. at 3a.m.?

karaoke solo is quite fun. only if it isn't because you missed the curfew and got locked outside the gate. <--------------- me.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

- niconico marathon: part 5 -

been wanting to see some funny Laputa clips and i found this.
good job 社長! LOL.
note: gotta look at the lyrics (and watch Laputa beforehand) to understand the song.

"『ニコニコ動画』ラピュタver (社長)【修正版】音質向上版"

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

- niconico marathon: part 4 -

"Uninstall". originally sang by Ishikawa Chiaki (= See-Saw).
gotta love her voice. i'm still not good enough to sing it in karaoke, though..

LOL @ the Niconico comments.

until i found this.
version Zebra. song entitled "ぜぶらの" (parody of original anime title "ぼくらの").
i simply love the part "耳を塞いでも 両手をすり抜ける真実に惑うよ"
where his falsetto comes in..

still wondering why he's singing..... "uninstalling" instead of "uninstall".

i've checked out the remix version too.

it's just..... grand. <--- hmm.. don't all remixes sound grand?
in case you noticed, there's this very sakai voice... that's ゴム.
and i think i heard いさじ www

for pure entertainment. there you go.
version ゴム. it's just... chaos. don't skip LOL.
his voice is actually nice when he doesn't go... Maasai-ish (quoting from Niconico comment "マサイ族・・". no offence, nothing racist.)

lastly, version 社長. nice voice.

this is what happens when Uninstall becomes Almond Beancurd (annindoufu)

Monday, December 01, 2008

- niconico marathon: part 3 -



presenting to you, different versions of "Melt -band edition-" (male version)!!!
(original "singer"... uh.. do i still have to say? Hatsune Miku.)

the one by neko has 2 versions: Japanese and English.
i like them because his (Japanese) pronunciation is so cute hahaha..
Japanese version:

unfortunately i can't paste the direct link from niconico.
cuz only registered users can watch them.
the comments are a must-see (especially the yellow one).

English version (lyrics in the video):

did i hear, "I won't trust fuckin' weather report"..?
"She never, it won't be!!" ---> 「死ねばいいのに!」(空耳LOL)

although, halyosy's version is nice too..

(by the way, halyosy sang Last Night, Good Night as a member of absorb)

and どM's version... and のど飴's.... too many of them >.>

and there's a remix version of different singers, a.k.a Niconico Johnny's? :p

could only find the one below on Youtube, but actually there's a more Johnny's-like version on Niconico called "合唱 男達のメルト" by のど飴どMピコ疲れた男KIAISEVENミジンコあれん(オサーン)べらっと@新入社員てんneko綿.

Japanese lyrics (halyosy version):
朝 目が覚めて 真っ先に思い浮かぶ 君のこと
思い切って 髪形を変えた 「どうしたの?」って 聞かれたくて
グレーのジャケット ドクロのシルバーリング つけて 出かけるよ
今日の僕は かっこいいんだ!

メルト 溶けちゃいそうだよ
好きだなんて 絶対に言えない・・・
だけど メルト 目も合わせられない
恋に恋なんてしないぞ 僕は
だって 君のことが 好きだよ

天気予報が ウソをついた 土砂降りの雨が降る
本当はそこらで コンビニの傘でも 買えたけど
ためいき 気づいた もしかして
耳まで赤いの バレたかな? 恋に落ちる音がする

メルト 息が苦しくて 君に触れた左手が 震える
熱い鼓動 はんぶんこの傘
手を伸ばせば届く距離 どうしよう・・・!
想いよ届け 君に

お願い 時間よとまれ 泣きそうだよ でも嬉しくて 死んじゃいそうだ!

メルト 駅についちゃうよ・・・
もう会えない 近くて 遠いよ だから
メルト 手をつないで 歩きたい!
今すぐ 君を 抱きしめたい! ・・・なんてな