Sunday, June 24, 2007

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Monday, June 11, 2007

- in conjunction with my first mid-term -

currently - munching hello panda
mood - confident but somewhat screwed

assignment of the week - to memorise the entire score of Lobet den Herrn. it's confusing enough even if we divide ourselves into sections during practice.. the combination of all 4 S.A.T.B voices....? if one member screws up, we'll turn out like pasar.


had a voting session on what we should sell during the annual kodaisai. which will be held during autumn.

first we had a debate whether we should place our stall indoor or outdoor. the advantage of having the stall indoor is that, we won't have to fumble should rain mercilessly pour down on us. but then we need to consider the geographical factor - the Oookayama campus is mainly divided into the main, south, west and the Ishikawadai-Midorigaoka (further west) zone.

point 1: everyone wants to vend at the main zone, because that's where most visitors will be.

point 2: we have nearly 10 thousand students (not all of them are studying at this campus though), guess how many classes are there.

point 3: stall allocation is made by drawing lots. i.e. RANDOMLY. i.e. we might get the not-so-strategic south or west zone, or worse, the furthest I-M zone, even if we applied for the main zone.

seeing that vending outdoor is more profitable and the competition for stall locations is not as bad, we finally agreed to do it outside.

and hence the voting began. each of us were allowed to vote for 2 types of food that we want to sell.

in the end the marshmallows got the highest vote. the ones that are baked (?) and with chocolate or sweet toppings, of course. almost everyone in class voted for it. i've tried baked marshmallows with chocolate toppings at SAJC, and baked marshmallows with brownies at NJC, and i must say they tasted really nice..

fried ice-cream was quite popular too. unfortunately not many of us have tried it and we didn't know if it's suitable for a festival which will be held in autumn (after all it's ICE-CREAM). i on the other hand, didn't quite mind the season, coz i'm a person who eats Haagen-Dazs even during winter.

also, some of us suggested yakisoba, okonomiyaki and takoyaki, the all-time favourites. but seeing that they're the all-time favourites we realised that other classes will very likely propose the same thing (and we're not encouraged to sell the same type of food).

and so the winner was the white fluffy marshmallows.

surprisingly we were very decisive that day and dismissed very soon...


1) koudaisai - 工大祭。tokyo tech festival.
2) yakisoba - japanese fried noodles.
3) okonomiyaki - pan-fried battered cake cooked with various ingredients like shrimps and vegetables, with mayonnaise and seaweed toppings.
4) takoyaki - my impression: it's like a round dumpling version of okonomiyaki. with octopus.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

- just for fun -

a friend of mine asked me to watch this. quite entertaining if you know chinese (and the dialects) and malay, and malaysia and singapore's issues.. but then har if you listen carefully hor, his chinese punya grammar also not very the accurate lor (and im pretty sure he's chinese)..