Tuesday, November 07, 2006

- gimme a good university!! -

currently listening to - koisuru otome (ikimonogakari)
mood - troubled (as usual?)

i love japan.

being the usual -careless- me........ i left my decade-old (but it looks new and handsome) silver mechanical pencil on the computer desk yesterday. and didnt actually realise it till i next searched for it. which was at night. holy eff you see kay. almost died of a heart attack.

the last time i left something somewhere.. was when i sat for my selection test for monbukagakusho scholarships. it was indeed a dreadful boring sunday. sitting for a 10-hour long examination (which included 7 subjects namely english, mathematics, chemistry, physics and japanese level 1 - 3) is not exciting at all. this is not my idea of fun. exactly. well said, odette and derek. what's more my registration number was 7. which meant "front seat". imagine being pressurised by all those 400 pairs of eyes behind you (though i doubt that they were directed towards me..)............. see, it's not my fault that i forgot about the existence of my water bottle (newly purchased) after calling home. hah. <---- excuses

so yeah. in exchange of losing a water bottle, i received the scholarship... said someone. does that mean that i'll be able to enter my dream university for losing the mechanical pencil? ................................ BUT I LOVE MY PENCIL. shiroyuu-senshuu, PINCH! (= big trial for shiroyuu. to choose the university.. or the pencil..) *slap*

the next day i went to the computer lab straight after class, and found my darling at the lost and found corner, safe and sound. oh my gawd you japanese. how can you not steal it? i would've long lost my baby if this happened in bolehland (and probably find my ultimate nemesis using it the following day. he'll claim that he bought it somewhere back home. and i'll shut him up by explaining how i got the pencil when my family and i were having a break at a michi no eki some 10 years back in japan.... then we'll start a big fight which will lead to..........)

anyway. thank you (whoever you are) for saving my life.

didn't blog because i have something to report. just searching for detailed information about university courses. 7 days before handing in the "course of study" application form, and i'm still hesitating between 2 different courses. another big trial for shiroyuu. architecture sounds totally great. but geology sounds interesting too. by choosing geology, definitely, i won'd be living in kansai next year. but instead, i'll have to re-learn my biology. which leads me to another question. i've not been taking biology for more than 2 years, can i actually apply for geology?

been talking about this in front of each person so i guess my friends are all annoyed by me. oh well... when the time comes, decisions will be made, no?


michi no eki = roadside station.