Sunday, June 22, 2008

- walking is good, walking is fun -

the Meguro Line stopped.

i wasn't quite sure why did it happen. said the train station's notice board, in Japanese: train service is temporarily unavailable due to power transmission between stations. reluctantly, i walked to the next station Senzoku for some Mr. Donuts, thinking that the train service would resume once i finished my dinner.

BUT. obviously it didn't.

so i had no choice but to walk to Meguro to catch the Yamanote line. actually i had another easier option: to take the Ooimachi Line at Midorigaoka, transfer at Jiyuugaoka for Touyoko Line (rapid) to Shibuya, and from there, my usual path back home. but since it costs extra money (i paid about 9,000 yen for the bloody commutation ticket) i might as well burn some fats by walking.
didn't know the way to Meguro by foot at all. so i had to follow the railway (which disappeared at some point of my journey).
LOL. ive never been to one of these karaoke classes..
"the river" which im told to cross by the convenience store worker.
i see a glimpse of hope (行人坂 is a slope near Meguro station)..
crap, it's effing steep.... like, maybe 40 degrees?
believe me, it was steep...
omfg finally im back.....

train conductors and guards trying to persuade and apologize to passengers and notice board announcing the train delay (in orange words).

it says: 送電点検を行う関係で目黒線は 上下線で運転を見合わせております。

took me about 50 minutes to reach Meguro. got lost for 10 minutes at somewhere very near Meguro, with a sign saying "This is Meguro district." on my left and another one saying "This is Shinagawa district." on my right. fortunately the kind convenience store worker gave me some detailed directions (i hate asking for directions, cuz sometimes you don't get what they're talking about. maybe it's just me having no sense of direction at all).. good sweat, good sweat.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

- the night of rebellion -

i really like zoukei (造形 - literally it means molding or modeling, but in the subject registration booklet it's Exercise of Architectural Planning and Design..), even though it's not a compulsory subject. especially because currently in the second half of the term, everything is taught in English, and at the end of the term we are required to do a presentation in English. which can be an advantage for us foreign students. *grin*
this week our goal is to create something out of ready-mades - plastic models a.k.a puramoderu, to be precise. doesn't ring a bell? think Gundam or any robot figurines. or racing car figurines. we are to take the tiny plastic parts apart, assemble and glue them together, into something not related to Gundam robots or cars at all. the teacher showed us his work as an example - he turned a macho robot figure into a red high-heel. but don't get too excited, it's just an object to be admired at, you can't wear it (i think).

although i have some anime figurines, they're just too small and i don't think i wanna rip them apart for now. might as well buy something that i actually know. haven't seen many mecha anime till now, so there were limited options. Eureka's TYPE ZERO is cool cuz the robot rides on a surfboard, but i'd rather have it in my collection instead, if i were ever gonna buy it. besides, it's out of stock.

another anime which i've been watching... Code Geass ~Lelouch of the Rebellion~ R2. THAT'S IT!!! and then i found myself ransacking the Hobbies and Toys Section in Shinjuku's Yodobashi for Kururugi Suzaku's Lancelot. well.. i don't really like Suzaku, so that makes his Lancelot worth destroying. hahahahahaha... about 1,500 yen, i thought it was reasonable (though if i hadn't insisted on getting something i know, i would've gotten the cheaper ones which are probably less than 500 yen each).

brought it to Japanese class and one of my classmates started talking to me about Code Geass and said that he has a Guren.. also, apparently i do have classmates who watch a lot of anime, well, of all people, the ones whom i least expected. two of them talked about D.Gray-man the previous week too - in the previous project we searched for pictures of things from a common theme, and i brought lots of "eyes", among which there were Allen's akuma-detecting-device eye, Itachi's Sharingan and Ichigo's eyes when he's in semi-Hollow mode (sorry im not sure if there's a proper term for it).

anyway, i wanted to enjoy the process of building the Lancelot and destroying it. but there were too many parts and i got de-motivated... so i called my assistant, Louise. hehe. probably the most suitable person to ask for help, since she's majoring in robotics..

but before that, we met up with Casey and Keita at Akihabara *GASP* to see how the policemen were doing at the crime scene.. ahem. i meant.. we went to Burger Cafe Asyl to attack the 22cm tall AkiBurgers. we ordered TWO. aaand, we got ourselves a big bowl of french fries AND another big plate of onion rings. at first it seemed like a crazy idea, but somehow we finished everything. i guess i haven't lost the tabehoudai side of me. and surprising or not, i think i can finish a whole AkiBurger by myself.. how can they say it's 3ninmae (for 3 person) ?!?!

the burgers... they look so small when they're laid horizontally.

of course, before we left Akihabara, we paid our respects at the crime scene. Louise was innocently (?) trying to take a picture of us there but there were too many people looking, even though it's already 9 or 10pm-ish. we karaoke-d for an hour before bidding farewell.

since outsiders aren't allowed into my dorm (not even family members), and i don't wanna be stared by my classmates for being the first person to bring a helper (what more, a gaijin) a.k.a outsider to the drawing room, we spent the night at McDonald's at Meguro.

tiny little parts..


go tentacles!! *pssssssshh*

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

- Life is Hard but Happy -

Part 1/13 ...
Part 2/13...
Part 3/13...

that's all folks. hahaha. try searching the rest of the movie yourself.
ive already watched it. somewhere in the web. *grin*

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

- i'm only trying to get inside your brain to see if you can work me the way you say -

apparently i'm as follows *grins*...

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フェラ: fellatio

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