Friday, May 26, 2006

- [u]nique & [s]atisfying [j]ourney -

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you'll understand why am i so exhausted after reading my outing report.

the 6 of us - me, my korean friend & 4 indonesians - assembled in front of the girls' dormitory at 6.40 a.m. yesterday (unwillingly. i wanted to have some more sleep. and i actually overslept), and departed to the nearest subway station by bus (it took us about half an hour to reach the station). took another 2 hours (by train & train & train) to reach our final destination - Universal Studio Japan.

a brief explanation of what on earth is USJ - it's something like Disneyland. just that, instead of seeing mickey chasing after kids who are freaked out because of it's looks, we see woodpecker and (i don't get it why) hello kitty.

we were very fortunate to have 2 weekdays off because we didn't sign up for the 2-day study tour to okayama - USJ wasn't as crowded that day (this means a lot).

we attacked many places. hohoho. Back to the Future. Jaws. Jurassic Park. Spiderman. Snoopy. Terminator 2. Backdraft. Peter Pan.. most of them were rides.

the most memorable one was Jurassic Park. sort of like a boatride in a dinosaur island. 1st we saw the tamer dinos. then the freakier ones. and finally when we were about to be "attacked" by tyranosaurus, the boat sped down a 10m slope at (obviously) an extremely high speed. imagine falling freely from a tall building, SITTING on a chair, with your hands swinging everywhere in the air without anything to grab hold of. THAT WAS SO COOL.

by the way we tried that 3 times. once each in the morning, late afternoon, and before USJ closed.

i have no idea why did i growl (no i didn't scream. 'coz i was making noise at my usual low pitch) during our Back to the Future ride. the machine we rode on didn't even move an inch from it's original location (well yeah it did sway on the spot like crazy).... maybe it's because of the cool visual effects. it felt real.

that's why later, everyone volunteered to sit beside me. so that they could have a good laugh. ceh. unfortunately (?) i only "screamed" during that particular ride and the spiderman ride (which was similar to the former).

after watching the last performance (Peter Pan) ((and then we went for the JP ride again)), it was time for us to get shoo-ed. ate at Pomnoki outside USJ (needless to say, dinner was excellent). then we took the last trains back to Kitasenri station. AND guess what.

the time was 12+. midnight. obviously there wasn't any buses for us to go back to OUFS. and obviously it's not worth it to spend money on taxis. so we walked back. nyahahahahahaha. we started walking from the subway station at 12+, and reached (finally) our dorms at 2a.m. wonderful.

to top it all, i spend 15k that day (approximately S$250) for the entrance fee and buying clothes + earrings. which made me broke. not even a yen left in my wallet when i reached home.

Friday, May 19, 2006

- here i am -

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mood - i'm damn hungry........ so what am i doing in the computer lab..

i've just come to realise that japanese kanji is actually a little difficult for me. being someone who knows all three types of chinese characters (simplified chinese, traditional chinese & japanese kanji)........ it's amazing how i have never scored full marks in any kanji test before, despite the fact that the japanese terms tested were relatively easy.

i feel stupid.

not because i don't know how to write the words. but because i carelessly mis-wrote some kanji with simplified/traditional kanji. for instance, some kanji differ with the "original" chinese characters by one tiny stroke (okay... let say the difference between T and t. ), which i would only find out after the test. each time (4 kanji tests were carried out so far). thanks.

well, fear not. i'm not aiming for perfect score anyway (according to our kanji teacher, throughout his teaching years, there was only one guy who scored perfect for every single kanji test. by the way, he's a singaporean.). so who cares. as long as i get most of the correct. =p        げ、生意気…

can't wait for summer to......... BE OVER (fine it's not here yet). according to the seniors, every summer they had a hard time tackling annoying cockroaches and other insects that invaded their room. the most dangerous intruder is the centipede clan. heard that one person actually died from a centipede attack.

sigh... worst of all, summer in osaka-gaidai is exceptionally hot. one kuwait senior said that she couldn't take summer in gaidai even though she comes from a all-year-summer country. hmm..

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

- ini satu kecil dunia selepas semua -

since i've not blogged for some time.. here goes.

well, yeah i kinda realised that the world is actually small. but recently i've come to realise that this world is, indeed. very. small.

when i 1st received the letter of acceptance for the scholarship, i realised that i would be studying in the same university which my old man went 36 years ago (hmm.. there're 2 language universities for monbusho scholars in japan - tokyo & osaka).

on the 2nd day of arrival in japan, i met the only singaporean monbusho scholar in this university (who later became my classmate). before long, i found out that i had been living in "his" hostel for 2 years and we've never met each other before (ie. he's a hwa-chongian. but a year our senior, which means that we're of the same age).

on the very same day, i found out that the indonesian girl i've been looking at (i did that coz she looked super duper familiar) was our fellow hcibs mate. hint hint SAJC people.

then, we went to the sakura-seeing party. and apparently one of our seniors is my SMKSU senior (who's under the very same infamous bio teacher of all time).

and yesterday, i met my primary schoolmate at the staircase when i was about to dash out of the IT building for the bus (and obviously i missed it). dang, she's now 1 year faster than me... (she doesn't have to take a 1-year preparatory course).

small world, ne.

so does that mean that the malayseans will one day re-unite somewhere in this small small world too? :D