Wednesday, April 04, 2007

- a new beginning -

currently listening to - in my own time (delta goodrem)
mood - computer lessons are boring..

first of all i have to apologize for presenting my new posts without polishing them with colors... as what i had been doing all this while. apparently this thing in the computer lab called iMac doesnt support font editing for blogger..... all i can do now is to check my spelling and perhaps post a few pictures...... which i dont usually do. and i dont have any pictures with me right now..


4th of april. personally i like the number "4", as it's my lucky number. so i thought this would be a good day - well yeah it's great that i get to move into my dorm FINALLY, after lazing in a friend's apartment for more than a week......

for your information the apartment's somewhere around Shinagawa, and my dormitory is situated at a place called Ooyama, which is so far away i could finish 2 manga during my train ride (and i mean thorough READING, not flipping through..).... sad to say my university campus is on the Shinagawa side, so everyday i have to spend around 2 hours going to and coming back from the university........ yay, happy times.

after what seemed like ages, my lovely 30kg luggage and i (and 2 smaller bags..) arrived at this (rather) busy shopping street, which leads me to my new home. if i hadn't been here before with navigation guide by my mobile phone, i probably wouldn't have had made it to the main entrance of the international student dormitory without much trouble... you know i'm a directionless idiot.

well in fact i reached my destination without any trouble AT ALL, other than the fact that i wasted some of my energy racing with three chinese on the way to the main entrance.. they were sitting right in front of me when we were on the train, staring at these japanese people around them from time to time as though they were frightening jailbreakers.. what a fortunate little girl. your parents came all the way from the great continent to see you settling down in the new environment. whereas i was alone trying to make my way through the crowded shopping streets. and there you people were, doing your best to overpass me, gossipping about me behind my back (or in front of me, sometimes..) as though i dont understand chinese......

speaking of chinese, i think 90% of the foreign newcomers are from mainland china.. seriously. the air in the dormitory was dominated by chinese sentences..

to be continued...