Saturday, January 24, 2009

- i live above the recycle station -

one fine day... i found this.

^ hmm.. what's inside? ^

^ oooh? ^

^ oooh.. Nana. ^

^ ooooh... Rabu★Kon. ^

^ oooooh... Desire Climax. ^

^ ooooooh... Sumomo. ^

^ and more... ^

the remaining ones.. are mostly.. "that" kind of manga/novels. you know. ♂ x ♂ *evil smirk*

actually there're 2 other similar bags.

moral of the story: recycling is good for you.


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

- i know it's still early but -

happy birthday to me.

... since there won't be a party on the actual day. and since i'm busy...

^ chiboust and ice peach tea ^

^ and of course, pasta. tomato cream pasta with mozzarella cheese ^

^ gochisousamadeshita ^

and now, off to school. it's 21:00 on 18th December.


apparently i'm M on the surface but S at heart.







ohohohohoho...... ^p^

when i came back from school, it was 14:00 on 19th December. when i next woke up, it was 5:00 on 20th December. fantastic. classes start at 13:20 today, i'm so free right now...

Thursday, January 15, 2009

- moo -

i can't say for sure that everyone in the department did it but... at least for group G (my group) and neighbouring group H, everyone worked for 2 days without taking a shower. you'd think that it's unhygenic and impossibly unthinkably absurd to not bathe for 48 hours - and to think that half of us are ♀ (not to mention, most of us didn't even nap for more than 2 hours)...... i should refrain from describing the... scent.

when i suddenly came to my senses, i realised that i hadn't eaten or drunk anything for 24 hours. ...... natural fasting? >___>

i'll make sure i get some food on my birthday.

at 8.30am on Wednesday, we handed in our assignment. liberation? nu-uh, not yet. there's a final one... due 19th January. and a group presentation after that.

eitherways, we're done for the day. reached home sweet home at noon, slept. no i did not bathe before i slept. it was 4am when i woke up.

bathe. and then, time for WoE :D

it was my first WoE since...... 18th December? omg.. bout a month.. i'm surprised i wasn't expelled from the guild. was a relatively easy war, and we kept a castle yet again.

to top it all, English class was cancelled today. i feel sorry for the teacher who fell sick, but honestly this is how i felt this morning - top of the world. just for a fleeting moment. you're relieved from work temporarily. you had a good night's sleep. you suddenly found out that your appointments are cancelled and that you're free for the morning. so you sit down and enjoy your hash brown and sausage egg muffin and ginger ale, nonchalantly observing the late-comers who are in a hurry...

me using flowery English = phailure. LOL...

speaking of phailures... we had our last practical class for architectural design today. during the following class, i unconsciously muttered, "finally i'm done with design..!" when the design lecturer passed by. i swear, he had never passed by our desks before. so yeah, he gave me this long weird glare, and walked away silently. i have witnesses.

after that, we all just smiled at each other wryly.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

- playing with magnitudes and directions -


last month… we (S and P, the uber Arashi fans, and i) failed miserably at the advanced booking session for Aiba-kun’s stage drama called Greenfingers. today’s the first day of general ticket sales. tickets would be sold from 10:00am via phonecalls, so we started spamming calls around 9:55am. 1,200 tickets were sold out after like… 20 minutes. and we got none. hurray…!! i was thinking of threatening the LOPPI machine at a nearby Lawson on the 13th for ticket cancellations. meanwhile, unable to overcome the temptation, P snatched a 21,000 yen ticket from Yahoo! Auctions on impulse. lol.

me? ……… i’m depressed from the beginning. 10th January (today…): Niconico Sonic. tickets were sold out last year... 24th January: Utattemita Matsuri in Osaka. celebrating my birthday... 21st February: Niconico Music Tiger 2nd. my dad’s birthday... in other words, i can go to none of them. pffffft……

Takarazuka is soooooooooooooooooo much easier. and moderately good seats too.

but that’s not the point.

my heart is as gloomy as the snowy sky.

well not really. something else is my top priority right now. ASSIGNMENTS!! oh please don’t think that i’m a nerd, i’m far from that… haven’t written down the full list of assignments and reports yet, but here’s roughly what i need to focus on for the next few weeks.

1. Apartment Housing: mhm.. this is due 14th January. very soon. i need to get the design done probably by today, and discuss with the group members for the very last time before i start with the final product.

2. History of Western Architecture: the theme’s “originality” in ancient Roman/Greek/Egyptian architecture.

3. History of Japanese Architecture: … i haven’t read the question. but it’s something similar to 2, i suppose.

4. Performance Theory: i) a report on a live performance that i’ve been to. definitely writing about Niconico, what else could it be? ii) a book report on Exorcism in Sri Lanka. the book’s out of print, so i have to search for it in the library…

5. Sociocultural Theory: i) a report on a topic that was brought up during the lecture. maybe ima write about K.Y. ii) a book report (it must be a book written by the lecturer). i’m reading one of his bestselling books called Ikiru Imi a.k.a The Reason to Live.

6. Logics: ……… nevermind.

7. Design: umm… it’s just… drawing. and making a booklet. the final assignment topic hasn’t been released.

others… 6 tests. i think? and maybe more reports.

it’s time i learn how to use VectorWorks so that i could draw with the computer next semester. 2D isn’t that hard. as for 3D, i think i need to read the manual… @_@

Friday, January 02, 2009

- hatsumoude -

TO DISNEYSEA!! (……eh?!)

yes, to the Sea. to tell you the truth, it’s my first time going there, so we had absolutely no idea what to do, or which attraction to try out. beware i went with my family, i.e. 3 out of 4 people don't ride roller-coasters, so… you get it. it was a very… peaceful visit.

the wind was strong on that day. my entrance ticket got blown away, so i had to get my fast-passes with my dad’s ticket…

P1: view from the parking lot, P2: the big globe near the entrance, P3: Y2009 photoshooting spot with 25th Anniv. sign, P4: the Mediterranean Harbor, P5: restaurants with European-like building façade(?), P6: the Arabian Coast, P7: 2-storey merry-go-round, P8: brass band performing near the entrance, P9: sunset from the parking lot, P10: zoom... Mt. Fuji at the center! :o

i wanna try Tower of Terror, Storm Rider (why does it sound like some certain Chinese movie?), Indiana Jones, and Journey to the Center of the Earth… someday. but i don’t wanna go alone it looks sad.


had our dinner at Kourakuen. i ordered a bowl of tantan-men, expecting it to be a little hot (as in, spicy), but it was as plain as… every other tantan-men that i’ve tried. speaking of which, my university’s canteen lowered the spice level of tantan-men because “(according to the feedback) the students complained that it’s too hot”. goodness. so far, there was only one serving of tantan-men that was slightly hotter (and not from the canteen), and that’s because the cook poured thousands of litres of ra-yu (chili oil/hot sesame oil) into the soup. APLC should make me some real hot Chinese noodles… someday.


by the time we got home, Kakushigei Taikai was about to end. damn it. i didn’t know that i was gonna stay at Tsukuba that night, so i’ve only recorded Kouhaku… orz.

neways. HAPPY [belated] NEW YEAR!!!


Thursday, January 01, 2009

- oh miso car -


31 december 2008

had breakfast at Eminence at 8am. first buffet in a very long while. scrambled eggs, bacon, sausages, toasts, potato salad, oranges, cornflakes with milk, and grapefruit juice. yum yum. there was Japanese-style cooking too.

after that, i headed straight back home. truth is, i’ve only attended the class (Building Materials and Construction I) once or twice, and i’ve not read more than 3 pages of the textbook. so i expected that a lot of time would be taken reading through the textbook before i could understand the 7 assignment questions. or rather, was it possible to start from scratch 12 hours before the deadline? you must be thinking, “hah, slacker, serve you right!” i know procrastination is bad. but i won’t be me if i don’t procrastinate, right? it’s become one of my definitions :p (psh..)

4pm. progress = 5.5 / 7. time to get ready for dinner, i.e. shower and get dressed. and set up my laptop to record Kouhaku at 7pm.

had dinner at Meguro’s La Boheme with my family and a few friends from Malaysia. the party menu was something like this…

~ hokkaido octopus ceviche

~ caesar salad

~ insalata caprese

~ fried squid rings

~ spicy chorizo

~ pizza margherita

~ Japanese-style spaghetti with sliced chicken

~ melanzane

~ risotto

~ assorted desserts

it wasn’t quite enough, so we added 2 pizza *grins*

returned home to finish up my assignment. after a short conflict (the table that i created with MS Word got screwed up and half of my report disappeared lmao) with gmail, i sent my report at 11.30pm. moral of the story, never copy and paste forms or tables directly from other places. and always have it backed-up (whew..).

thought of watching Kouhaku but it’s too long, so i watched some niconico videos until the countdown began. called my sister (who was about to sleep) because my parents slept, and we wished each other a happy new year before going to bed. 2 years ago, i celebrated New Year on a bus. last year, a group of us went to Yokohama in search of fireworks and phailed. this year, it’s all about Niconico Douga. …… variation banzai?

the first thing that i did in year 2009 was watching a 60–minute long Niconico video about Zekkyouken’s recordings. the second thing… oversleeping.

baibai 2008!!!