Friday, March 31, 2006

- rest in pieces -

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mom busted my bolster.

err.. some of you might be wondering why the hell do i use a bolster (oh, actually i have TWO. the other one's safe and sound.). i don't hug them when i sleep. they're those tinier ones used as armrests and things like that. no doubt i do sleep with them at night (err..).

'they're stinking smelly,' said mom, and she chucked them into the washing machine (i didn't know she actually did that till i was told about the disaster. i thought she'd bathe them manually. grr...). when next we peeped into it.. yeah. fluffy fluffy.

rest in peace. darling. i shall not forget you, even if i happen to get another identical one (which is quite impossible). by the way, it's a blue-coloured mister donut souvenir. served me loyally for over 10 years.


the inspiration of sharing my thoughts about chinese foreign names crept into my mind. and with this, i'll end my post. till next time when i've settled down in my new dorm.

geez. some are alright. but... why can't they make some of the names sound nicer...? or was it done on purpose..

note: this is my way of interpreting the names in chinese. there are other possible meanings.

Africa: 非洲 = The Continent of False (what the..)
Bulgaria: 保加利亞 = Protection Increase Benefits Asia (huh...)
Canada: 加拿大 = Add Take Big
Denmark: 丹麥 = Pill Oat
England: 英國 = English Country
France: 法國 = Law Country
Germany: 德國 = Moral Country
Israel: 以色列 = Line-up With Colour
Jamaica: 牙買加 = Teeth Buy Add
Kenya: 肯亞 = Willing Asia
Malaysia: 馬來西亞 = Horse Come West Asia
Mongolia: 蒙古 = Cover the Past
Portugal: 葡萄牙 = Grapes Teeth
Singapore: 新加坡 = Newly Added Slope
Spain: 西班牙 = West Class Teeth
Turkey: 土耳其 = Muddy Ear That
US of A: 美國 = Beautiful Country
Vietnam: 越南 = Cross South

ah whatever.. i'm too lazy to translate all of them..

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

- (=[]=) -

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mood - sleepy. it's dang hot and boring.

a week later's today, i won't be doing many of my usual routines anymore. first of all.. no darling laptop. no all-day-free wonderland. no hiropi. no sister to yell and joke at. no mom to make fun of (err..). no sleeping-in (i guess). no lazing around. no everything else in my room including manga. etc etc etc.. i can probably make a whole long list of "no"s if i had time.

nonetheless, the change isn't totally bad. i mean, i can still do things that i like, right? eat. write. draw. blog. sleep. and.. nevermind. plus, surely there'll be (i hope) things which i cannot enjoy if i hide at home. even if i don't have my darling with me, i can still possibly access internet. even if i can't see you guys, we can still keep in touch via e-mail or.. blog (TAG!!). speaking of which, one of my e-mail adds' currently been dominated by mom. but no worries, i can still use it.

such a fantastic afternoon. the birds are fighting outside. one of them crashed on my window. ouch.

suddenly noticed that i visit the airport more often than the headmistress/principle's office. is that a good thing? hmm. come to think of it, i've actually visited the office more frequently than most of the students. ever since elementary school days. disciplinary problems (*gasps* what did you do till the headmistress made you see her?!?!), more disciplinary problems, academic achievements, non-academic achievements, yet more disciplinary problems, blah. oh, that's not the point here, innit? =p

yeah. probably 'coz each of us (my family. except for my sis.) go overseas pretty often, that's why we became regular visitors of the airport. heh. i've just been there about a week ago. tomorrow, we'll be going there again. and next monday, i'll be going there once more.

time flies, huh? many were somewhat surprised that i'll be leaving so soon. have i packed properly? have i visited all my relatives and close friends? have i had my last supper with my family? umm.. to tell the truth. NO. (=.=''') and i doubt that i'll be doing much for the following days till my day of departure (but makan with the malayseans? of course!!). gee.. how on earth am i supposed to pack my clothes? should i bring my NJ notes (*hears even louder gasps*)? argh... then again, it's not like there're no libraries in the university..

surprisingly, i don't feel excited. ok, maybe a little anxious about what kind of neighbour i'll be having, and a little worried whether or not i'll be able to save some money out of my allowance... (~.~) for one thing, nobody's getting a roomie, 'coz they're all single rooms. nye nye nye nye nye nye...


idiotic picture of the day.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

- the keyboardist -

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japanese Bon Jovi muahahahahahahahaha..haha.......ha.
mood - crazy (as usual)

ugh.. what's that smell...?

suddenly realised that i always begin my post without thinking about what should i actually write. just felt like typing something. typing is fun. lalalalalalala. it's like playing the piano, y'know. i love poking the keyboard. somehow it gives me a sense of satisfaction. well of course, i'll feel shitty if the "notes" don't come out correct.

doesn't matter. ok. let's see.. i've just found out that recently my sis has been abusing my online game character by taking real dang a lot of..... interesting snapshots. here's one.

why is ma dear kelefeh trying to commit suicide.

oh. this reminds me of (why does this remind you of it when this's got nothing to do wid it..) a quality which i've found (so far) only in online games. there's equality in gender!! i.e. both genders are treated equally in such games. not only guys, but girls are being bullied as well. yay. er.. it doesn't sound like a positive thing anymore, eh..

i like to try out characters with both gender, and from my experience/experiment, girls can sometimes get good treatment from others (particularly guys), but this never happens among guys. yeah, it'll probably look weird if a girl always pampers and protects a guy as though he's her "most precious".. i'm not saying it doesn't happen, but that'll make me think that the guy's a weakling. personal opinion. =p


randomly downloaded a short manga entitled "the castle".

a little girl named Yukari kept dreaming of herself escaping from a long-haired lady in a huge house, who was trying to murder her. her parents decided to let her stay in her uncle's place during the summer holidays. on the way to her uncle's place, she saw the exact same huge house which appeared in her dreams, but no one believed that it existed.

she met her cousins Shiro (hey, this name sure sounds familiar..) and Sanae (it seemed like they're really big bullies...). and she met another boy called Kazuto, who had also been dreaming about the mysterious house. to prove that he was telling the truth, he showed her his sketchbook. apparently, he would draw his dreams whenever he woke up from nightmares. there were pictures of the house, two children rowing a boat, a long-haired lady lying dead under an old clock, and a boy's dead body (which was obviously Kazuto).

then the 4 of them met in front of a huge lake near Yukari's uncle's house. and the "dream house" appeared out of nowhere across the lake. the cousins found it interesting and they crossed the lake with a boat (a-hah...). and never returned.

so Yukari and Kazuto decided to visit the house, determined to change their fate (as in, they didn't want to let their "dreams come true". which i think they shoudn't've done that. typical. =p). they met a tall man and a long-hair woman (ooh..), who're actually Shiro and Sanae. Shiro explained that, according to a diary found in the house, "the time flow strangely in the castle". the cousins had become adults before they even knew it.

they blamed Kazuto and Yukari for making them trapped inside the house and tried to kill both of them. after a short game of tag, Sanae found the 2 of them. in the nick of time, Kazuto threw an oil lamp at her, and she was burnt to death. right, the one that died under the old clock wasn't Sanae, after all.

later, Yukari fell down the stairs and fainted. when she was awake again, Kazuto was dead. Yukari was very confused and scared. in order to find out who exactly was the lady in her dream, she hid herself in the old clock in the room which she had often dreamt of. Shiro entered the room. to their surprise, there was another person in the house. a long-haired lady. (*scrolls up* man, another long post..) she stabbed Shiro with a knife, and immediately after that, Yukari dashed out of the old clock.

before the lady could stab her, the clock collapsed and hit the lady. and so she died. now, everyone in the house's dead except for Yukari. (yay..)

strangely and suddenly, everything started to change. when finally the change had stopped, all 3 dead bodies disappeared, the clock was back in its position, and Kazuto's drawings vanished from his sketchbook. and i think because of this, Yukari's gone crazy.. =p

while she was trapped inside the house, time passed by. days. months. years. she wrote a lot of things inside Kazuto's sketchbook. and started having dreams about herself being killed. dreams about a little girl. "i'm going to die if she comes. is that my fate? NO! i have to try and change my fate. for that, i shall wait."


so the long-haired lady's actually Yukari herself. (= o =''')

typical. hmm.

Friday, March 24, 2006

- boon -

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mood - gloomy

mom always told us to stay strong towards words. after all, words are one of the most powerful weapons in our lives. even more powerful than bovine spongiform encephalopathy. even more powerful than Sexy no Jutsu (come to think of it, Sexy no Jutsu exists only because of the existence of words, isn't it? =p). dad once said, 'words are like drugs.' so true.

words are sometimes extremely influential. there're so many people out there who turned neurotic or psychotic because of words. a person didn't mean to offend or hurt someone, but unintentionally, he or she did. to you, saying 'You suck!!' or 'Stupid loser..' might sound nothing more than some light banter. but to others, it might be a different case.

i personally feel very very offended when referred to as a "noob". to me, it's equivalent to the world's vulgarest word, even if it doesn't actually mean so. this is probably because i'm so irritated that the word is being used so commonly, just like the 4 letter word (quoting from my sis: [f]riendship [u]sually [c]ontains [k]indness. actually it doesn't sound correct to me but who cares..).

when i show slight inexperience in handling things, you call me a noob and start firing me enjoyably with foul, offensive, taboo and god-knows-what words like missiles.

when i ignore you (me mom always sae, deunt yea dare talk te strangers.), you call me a noob and start making everyone in the world believe that i'm an impudent ignorant insane indecent irresponsible illegal idiot.

when i don't ignore you and do give you responses, you call me a noob and start picking on my usage of every single letter and space in my sentences.

cliché!!!! it's an overusage of the word "noob"! the word is used so frequently and commonly that it's original meaning is long lost. this person doesn't know how to read the rules: noob. that person does non-commonsensical things: noob. this girl's just so annoying: noob. that girl's a total idiot: noob. this guy's skin colour's so odd: noob. that guy's so preachy: noob. i don't like siaokia: NOOB! thanks.

father father father help me. send some guidance from above. cause people got me got me questioning.. why is it "noob"?

argh.. i'm drifting away from the main topic. *scroll up to see what have i actually written*

right. influential. therefore, to keep ourselves from being easily infected by bovine spongi.. wait. wrong one. therefore, to keep ourselves from being easily influenced by words.. WE HAVE TO BE IGNORANT!!! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA....

hem hem. i don't think there's an effective way to solve the "problem", that is, if you think it is one. but most important of all, i realised that i've totally forgotten what was i gonna say, so i think i should stop here before i continue rambling nonsense. tata!

* bovine spongiform encephalopathy: mad cow disease.

ah. now i'm not gloomy anymore. blogging is good for health. =p

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

- to whom it may concern -

well, i have no idea who's acually reading the stories but here goes..

newest story: spanner
it's quite short compared to the previous one.

and i'm trying out cjb to see if i should really replace bravenet. =p

oh no, it's the grobb-arise-ation again..

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

- dtenjoobellymudsch -

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mood - relieved

didn't have enough sleep. i'm feeling a little - zzzzz....

melman, you're so cute. even when you gave marty your first rectal thermometer.

been trying to make my mom pronounce the word "gobalisation" more accurately (note: this is not the reason why i'm sleepy. i've spent the whole night finishing the last grammar book so that i could return it this morning. that's why i'm now relived.). it's not that my sis and i are trying to make life difficult for her. she was the one who came and ask us how.

it all started with the guessing game for the correct pronunciation of "ecclesiastes". first, it was "ack-lae-sighs-test". then, it became "ack-lee-see-tis". and it went on and on and on, till finally, she managed to pronounce it as "ickle-xy-ass-tis". yeah, i know the real one doesn't sound like that, but, fair enough.

so, she went on asking us how to pronounce "globalisation" since she'll probably be using it when conversing with the english people during the symposium. again, it's a disaster to both of us. after nearly 24 hours of hard work, while i'm typing out the third paragraph of this post, she finally managed to say "globb-a-lie-say-tion". it's still not 100% accurate, but at least it's better than saying "grobber-rice-assion", eh?

this reminds me about the fact that, without determination (, deliberation, destination.. blah blah. sorry. suddenly felt like quoting from the half-blood prince. =p) and suitable environment, a normal being will not be able to become proficient in a language. i repeat. NORMAL being. mom and dad are from the much older generation. english wasn't so important (to them) then. they could do well enough with mandarin and japanese.

whereas my sis and i grew up with all four languages - malay as the national language, english as the international language, mandarin as mother tongue (but we speak cantonese at home) and japanese as foreign language. we didn't even have time to think whether we should learn them or not. they just sipped into our lives gradually as we grew up. no doubt we're not particularly good at any of them, since it's not an easy thing to become multi-lingual, but at least we're able to put them into use whenever we want to. and i'm sure this will, someday, come in handy.

just to share with you guys about something related to languages as well, although this isn't really connected with the previous paragraphs.. it's an extract from the script of a 5-minute skit by my sis and her classmates, in which you can tell the difference between proper english and our all-time favourite bolehland's manglish.

note 1: this script is based on a famous joke. some of you might find it familiar.
note 2: we've modified a few spellings and changed a few words for personal preferences.

note 3: ...... i forgot some parts of the script! =.=


3 english people came to bolehland for holidays and stayed in Sea Bay Hotel (actually there's a joke here but.. nevermind.. i don't think i should post it on my blog). after getting her room key, Jo (starring: my sis! clapclapclapclap..) headed to her room to take a rest. then, she was hungry (i don't know, but somehow they set the time as morning). so she dialed for "room service" (RS).

RS: goo morrin. loon sirbees.
Jo: i thought i dialed "room service"..
RS: collect.. loon sirbees.. morrin!! jooish dto odour sunteen?
Jo: uh, yes. i'd like to have some bacon and eggs.
RS: owl july dam?
Jo: what?
RS: OWL JULY DAM? ... pride, buoyed, poochd?
Jo: oh, the eggs! how do i like them? sorry, scrambled please.
RS: owl july dee beckham? crease?
Jo: crisp will be fine.
RS: hockey. an sun dtoes?
Jo: what??
RS: an - dtoes. july - sun - dtoes?
Jo: i don't think so.
RS: no? judo one sun dtoes??
Jo: i feel really bad about this, but i don't know what "judo one sun those" means.
RS: dtoes! DTOES! ... wye ju don juan dtoes? owl bow anglis moppin wee bodter?
Jo: english muffin!! i've got it! you're saying "toast". fine. yes, an english muffin will be fine.
RS: wee bodter?
Jo: no.. just put the bother on the side.
RS: wahd?
Jo: i mean butter.. just put it on the side.
RS: copy?
Jo: excuse me?
RS: copy..? tee..? meel..?
Jo: yes. coffee, please. and that's all.
RS: worn minny. scammer ache, crease beckham, anglis moppin wee bodter on sigh an copy... rye?
Jo: whatever you say.
RS: dtenjoobellymudsch.
Jo: you're very welcome.


fin. dtenjoo.. i mean, thank you very much for spending your time reading this crap.

Monday, March 20, 2006

- crazy cow -

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mood - crazy

sometimes, playing online game's really a good way to de-stress. well, i don't mean those mmorpg (multimedia online role playing game or whatever they call it). i'm playing single-player games. here's a nice website. free membership. and occassionally, i love to go mad on it's word games. ah. i'm so cow-like, after all. cows go insane when they spot red stuff, isn't it? i wonder what kind of "red" i've spotted today..

ahah. so that's why i'm listening to L'arc now..

anyhow. did a couple of seemingly useless tests. just for the fun of it. and i'm pretty satisfied with what i've achieved. =p


- Weird Quotient Test -
Your score is: 127!! Of all the weird test takers:
4% are more weird,
2% are just as weird,
and 94% are more normal than you!

me: yippeee. i'm a weirdo. but i'm sure some of you guys can beat me. eh, eh! those who're perasan. don't perasan OH.

What is your weird quotient? Click to find out!

- "Are You A Loser?" Test -
Overall, you scored as follows:
37% are cooler,
and63% are more of a loser than you.
What does this mean? You're cooler than half the people! Great work!

me: oh. cool.

I am 37% loser. What about you? Click here to find out!

- "Are You Stupid?" Test -
Overall, you scored as follows:
39% scored higher (more stupid),
4% scored the same,
and 57% scored lower (less stupid).
You are 57% stupid. This means... You are, on average, smart and stupid. Read a few more books and decrease your score!

me: i knew it....


- "Are You Money-minded?" Test -
Your Score: 31!! This is a great score! You don't seem to take money super seriously, but you do understand the importance of it. Keep up the same thinking! On the down side, there are people out there who love your money more than you do (like us).Be careful! Don't say we didn't warn you!
Overall, you scored as follows:
54% scored higher,
2% scored the same,
and 44% scored lower.
me: yay~!

see that? that's why i describe them as "seemingly useless". sometimes, i get cheap thrills out of these though..

Friday, March 17, 2006

- have a nice day -

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mood - i feel abandoned. *...* nevermind. =p

ah, finally.. bought the original "A Fine Day For Kangarooing". so i thought i'd wanan try translating the entire story. check out the difference in the parts which i've translated before (pls refer to 11 March's post).


カンガルー日和: Kangaruu Biyori
A Fine Day For Kangarooing
author: MURAKAMI Haruki
translator: siaokia

Within the fenced area, there were four kangaroos. One male, two females, and a new-born baby.

In front of the fence, there was no one but her and I. Originally, this wasn't a very popular zoo. On top of that, it was a monday morning. The visitors were greatly outnumbered by the zoo animals.

Our main purpose of visiting was, of course, the baby kangaroo. Other than that, we couldn't think of anything that we ought to see.

We found out about the birth of the baby kangaroo in the newspaper's local section a month ago. And for a month, we waited for the arrival of a suitable morning to visit the baby kangaroo. Unfortunately, such a morning was far from coming to us. One morning, it rained. The next morning, it still rained. Yet the next morning after that, the floor was muddy, and an unpleasant wind was blowing for the following two days. One morning, her decayed tooth ached. One morning, I had to go to the government office.

And so, a month glided away.

A month was, honestly, such a short period of time. What had I actually done during the month? Clearly, I couldn't remember. I felt as if I'd done a lot of things, and, at the same time, I felt as if I'd done nothing. Before the newspaper bill collector's arrival at the end of the month, I didn't even realise that a month had just gone by.

Still, in any case, the morning which we decided to visit the baby kangaroo came. We woke up at six a.m. sharp, drew open the curtains, and confirmed that it was a fine day for kangarooing. We washed our faces, finished our meals, fed the cat, did our laundry, put on our sun hats and left the house.

'Hey, d'you think the baby kangaroo's still alive?' she asked me in the train.

'I'm sure it's alive, 'coz there isn't any news about it dead.'

'It might've fallen sick.. It might've been admitted to some hospital?'

'If that's the case, it'll be reported on the newspaper as well.'

'I wonder if it became neurotic and hides deep inside the pen?'

'You mean, the baby?'

'You gotta be joking. I'm talking about the mother. I wonder if she's hiding in the room deep inside, along with her baby?'

Girls can really think of a variety of possibilities, I thought.

'I feel like.. If we missed this chance, we wouldn't be able to see a baby kangaroo again..'

'Is that so?'

'Well, have you ever seen a baby kangaroo before this?'

'No, I haven't.'

'Are you confident that you'll see again after this?'

'I wonder. No idea.'

'That's why I'm worried.'

'The thing is..' I objected. 'You might be true, but I've not even seen a giraffe giving birth, and I've not even seen a whale swimming as well. Why should the case of a baby kangaroo be bothering to me?'

'Because it's a baby kangaroo, that's why,' she said.

I gave up, and stared at the newspaper. So far, I've not won debating with a girl for even once.

The baby kangaroo was, needless to say, alive. He (or it might be a "she") was much bigger than the one we saw in the picture on the newspaper, hopping around the place energetically. It should be a mini kangaroo, rather than a baby. The truth had disappointed her slightly.

'Looks like it's not a baby anymore.'

It's still something like a baby, I consoled her.

'We should've come earlier..'

After I had returned from the stall with two chocolate ice-creams, she was still leaning on the fence, watching the kangaroo intently.

'It's not a baby anymore,' she repeated.

'You think so?' I said, passing her one of the ice-creams.

'If it's a baby, it would've been kept inside the mother's pouch.'

I nodded while licking my ice-cream.

'But it's not in the pouch.'

For the time being, we looked for the mother kangaroo. We were able to identify the father kangaroo immediately. The biggest and most silent among the herd was him. He was scanning the green leaves in the feed box with an expression similar to a composer whose talent had long dried up. The remaining two were females, and they were identical in build, identical in colour, and even identical in expression. Calling either of them the mother was probably fine.

'But, one of them is the mother, and the other isn't,' I said.


'Then, what's the other one if she's not the mother?'

I don't know, she said.

The issue was none of the baby kangaroo's concern. He, or she, was running around the place, pointlessly digging holes with its front paws here and there. Apparently, he didn't recognise what was "boredom". He went round and round his father, took only a few bites of the green grass, dug the floor, played the mischief with the two females, lied down on the floor, stood up and started running once more.

'Why does a kangaroo hop so fast?' she asked.

'To escape from the enemies.'

'Enemies? What kind of enemies?'

'Human,' I said. 'Human kill kangaroos with boomerangs for their meat.'

'Why does a baby kangaroo enters it's mother's pouch?'

'To escape together. Kids can't run as fast as adults.'

'So, it's being protected?'

'Yeap,' I said. 'Children are all being protected.'

'How long are they protected?'

I should have studied everything and anything about kangaroos from the animal encyclopedia. I knew this was gonna happen from the start.

'One or two months, I guess.'

'So, that one's only a month old,' she pointed at the baby kangaroo. 'That's why it still goes into the mother's pouch?'

'Yeah,' I said. 'Probably.'

'Hey, wouldn't it be wonderful to enter that pouch?'

'I guess so.'

'D'you think Doraemon's Pocket kinda' symbolises the wish to return to the womb?'

'I wonder..'

'That must be it.'

The sun was entirely high up in the sky. Sounds of children frolicking happily in the pool nearby reached our ears. The summer clouds were sharply outlined against the sky.

'D'you wanna eat something?' I asked her.

'Hotdog,' she said. 'And coke.'

The hotdog vendor was a young part-timer student. He had brought a huge boom box into the wagon-shaped stall. While waiting for the hotdogs to be ready, I listened to songs by Stevie Wonder and Billy Joel.

Once I had returned to the kangaroo pen, she exclaimed 'Look!' and pointed at one of the kangaroos.

'Look! Did you see it? It's gone into the pouch!'

The baby kangaroo had crept into the mother's pouch, all right. The pouch swelled a lot, and only the tiny pointed ears and the tip of the tail poked out.

'Isn't it heavy?'

'Kangaroos are powerful.'


'That's why they survived till now.'

The mother did not even sweat under the scorching sun. She looked as though she was taking a break at the coffee shop after shopping at Aoyama Boulevard's supermarket early in the afternoon.

'The baby's being protected, isn't it?'


'D'you think it's fallen asleep?'


We finished our hotdogs and cokes, and left the kangaroo pen.

Even when we were leaving, the father kangaroo was still searching around in the feed box for the lost music notes. The mother kangaroo and the baby kangaroo were united as one, resting as time went by; whereas the other mysterious female kangaroo was hopping continuously as though examining its tail's condition.

It was a swelteringly hot day in a long time.

'Hey, d'you wanna have some beer?' she said.

'That'll be nice,' I answered.



ah, finally.. it's done. (=.=;;;)

just my point of view, but.. ARE GIRLS SUPPOSED TO BE SO DUMB? i dunno.. i think if i were to marry a girl, DEFINITELY, i won't go for those who ask questions from the beginning of our meeting till the end of my life, as if they come from pluto or something..

Thursday, March 16, 2006

- 3月のある晴れた朝に妙な男に出会うことについて -

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and pendidikan moral teaches us to become "tolerant and understanding" citizens.
please allow me a moment to laugh.


we're out buying groceries in another city (we always do that) when dad suddenly realised the car's almost out of fuel. so we went to the petrol kiosk. after refilling, we met another car which was about to leave the kiosk as well.

being a "tolerant and understanding" citizen, dad let the other driver move onto the busy main road first (our cars were side by side). but he didn't, even when the path was clear. he stared at dad intently. so dad stared back at him, not knowing what did he mean.

then dad gave him a hand gesture that was supposed to mean something like "you may go first" or "after you". that was when the misunderstanding occurred, i guess. the man thought dad was scolding and complaining about him. so he stared yet more intently at us, his face twitching like a ferocious beast.

at last he made his move. he drove out of the petrol kiosk slo--wly. since there were other cars behind us, waiting to leave the place, dad thought it not too considerate to drive so ignorantly. so he gave the twitching driver a soft honk.

the driver drove onto the main road finally. but he stopped his car by the side of the road, after a few metres into his journey. we drove on. and he followed us.

you might think that coincidentally we're going towards the same direction. but no. nope. dad tried to shake him off by turning into a smaller lane swiftly.

and he followed.

our car moved on at high speeds, until we slowed down and made a U-turn.

and he followed.

finally, we arrived at the main road once again. and finally, the driver drove pass us, giving us another nasty glare before he disappeared. i bet he saw our car's number plate clearly. wonder if he'll call his gang of friends and launch an attack at us.

for being "tolerant and understanding" citizens. thanks.


note: pendidikan moral = moral education (a subject taught in our secondary schools)

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

- [s]ekolah [r]endah [j]enis [k]ebangsaan -

currently listening to - SRJK's Bring Me To Life *a-hah..*
mood - bueh tahan. please inquire wikipedia for manglish. thank you.

was "cleaning up" my laptop. clicky here and clicky there. delete here and delete there. then, i found a folder which i realised i've seldom visited.

"NJ Prom".

riiigghhht... well, nothing much to see actually, mostly snapshots of girls in black. there's one video clip though. the first performance by a group of people who called themselves "SRJK". in malay, it actually means something like "national elementary school". hah.

it's rather embarrassing during the performance. my mics' weren't working. that's why during the piano solo, only those who were near the stage (like.. the principal) could hear the piano. and the harmonisation.. forget it. well, at least we didn't make any mistakes. as far as i could tell (as far as i could remember).

this brings back a lot of memories on music performances and competitions which i have taken part in. LOL. the embarrassing moments are still so vivid when i come to think of them. i screweed up the short interview on lyrics composing during our 1st "big" event held in our last year of high school - the national chinese songwriting competition. we got the silver medal in the end, so it's quite a fruitful experience. during the 2nd "big" event - another national chinese song competition, but held in singapore -, the electronic piano screwed up. when our song approached the "peak", it suddenly went mute. tadaa. so we're royally "out".

there's one thing which bothers me a little, though. each time, the organiser would tell us they provide a P-I-A-N-O. and each time, we're provided an E-L-E-C-T-R-O-N-I-C P-I-A-N-O. see the difference? somehow, to them, they're the same. swissotel, on the other hand, is a hotel, so.. it woul've been weird if a hotel doesn't have a piano, right? well, unless it's a lousy negative-five-star hotel.

i've counted, and swissotel had not only one, but four - one near the lobby, one near the upper end of the escalators, one outside the ballroom, and one, the one i used, within the ballroom. nice. i wonder if there're anymore in the building. =p

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

- the butterfly effect -

went to the embassy to apply for visa. it wasn't too packed with visitors (it never was), but we took a long time settling our stuff. *sighs in relief, now that everything's (hopefully) done*

we filled in the application forms before leaving the house. then, we went to the library to return books before heading to the embassy. it so happened that it's the japanese lady's shift. she's an extremely nice librarian. the person before me returned her books late, but the librarian didn't demand for penalty fees. she merely winked and said in katakana form, 'i give you saabisu.' actually it's "service", and in japanese, this means something like 'you have my "special treatment" for today.' *gasps*

on the other hand. if it were the kakak. she'd probably ask for your money no matter how close you are to her.

back to the story. our forms were rejected. *the horror* we did state clearly our personal details and purposes - all 3 of us applied for different reasons. i'm going to study. mom's going for her Haruki symposium. whereas dad.. he's going for kyoto's sakura phototaking (i wonder his "sakura" refers to the real flower or..). however, that woman (another kakak) claimed that we didn't state the names, addresses and contact numbers of our guarantors. bleah..

i don't even know where i'm staying, how am i supposed to know which lecturer will be my guarantor, ne? but, in the end, everything was settled. pray that 3 days later i'll be able to get my visa (it's stated that the visa application takes 3 working days).

ok, the end of side story. here's the main one (huh..).


just feel like sharing a few songs that i have in my playlist, which contain the word "butterfly". for the fun of it. note: the numbering doesn't mean it's the ranking for the songs.

1. 「蝶」
("chou". english: "butterfly")
sung by: Amano Tsukiko. moderately deep voice. J-Rock. very loud. played in a minor key (more of a sentimental song).
anything special: very loud guitar strumming (typical rock song, ne?). there're violins as well.
extracts of the song: i dived into the underground and digged a hole continuously, without knowing where the hole would lead me. i held the scoop covered with soil in one hand, searching for your arm...

2. 「Butterfly」
sung by: Angela. moderately deep nasal voice. err.. more like pop music. fast and happy song.
anything special: trumpets. her nasal voice.

3. 「Butterfly」
sung by: Mariah Carey. slow song. oh, do i have to explain this? almost everyone who listens to english songs knows this song. =p

4. 「Butterfly」
sung by: Wada Koji. opening theme of Digimon 01. the only guy singer in the list. 0.O;.. definitely pop. fast and very happy happy song.
anything special: he can sing high notes...

5. 「Butterfly Kiss」
sung by: Yonekura Chihiro. opening theme of Groove Adventure Rave. poppish, but sounds a little i-am-a-country-girl-lalalalalala.. er. nevermind that.
anything special: -sound of the wind..- at the beginning, and there're people murmuring during a certain part of the song..

6. 「Lost Butterfly」
sung by: Rurutia. the "i'm very ill" kind of voice. sentimental. played in major key, but it sounds sad.
anything special: the "i'm very ill" kind of voice (=.=)....
extracts of the song: the butterfly wanders. the subway is a maze. no matter how much it flaps.. no matter how much it flaps.. the exit could not be found...

7. 「逆さまの蝶」
("sakasama no chou". english: "the inverted butterfly")
sung by: SNoW. opening theme of Jigoku Shoujo. slow song. mostly minor, but major in choruses.
anything special: very strong pronunciation of the letter "L".

another long post. *sighs*...

Sunday, March 12, 2006

- nichiyoubiyori 日曜日和: a fine sunday -

currently listening to - Amano Tsukiko (her music's cool)
mood - blabberish

hiropi's been barking, as usual. he didn't bark for nothing (from experience), since he's always disliked wasting energy for pointless actions (right...). left.

ANYWAY.. today, it wasn't the "vegetable-car man" (that's what we call the vegetable vendor who visits his sibling a.k.a our immediate neighbour almost everyday), instead, it's that flirtatious b!tch! no, i'm not screaming vulgarity. it's that female dog. once in a while, she's seen frolicking around the neighbourhood like a crazy chicken, causing chaos and disturbance all over the place (i.e. making each dog or potential dog bark at her).

i wonder if anyone will come and complain again. hiropi's really sensitive towards bitches (he's gay, so he despises them), that's why he gives out exceptionally loud barks along our row of terrace houses. and we know this would get irritating if he continues, even though most of the time he's proved himself helpful as a "security guard".

there was once, when we're still living in the old house, a grumpy man (who lived diagonally opposite us) appeared in front of our gate and started shouting for the head of our family. then dad tackled with him. he complained something about our dogs (man, sonny's involved as well) barking whenever they like. we couldn't really protest about that statement, 'coz hiropi and
sonny were barking madly at him ever since he approached. he warned us to control our dogs (shut them up permanently), or else he'll call the authority.

in actual case, he's the one having a dog that barked all day long even if nothing happened, not us. everyone else in the neighbourhood agree with us.


went lunching at kfc, even though H5N1's so rampant. =p

then, we sent my sister for her piano theory revision class in the city half an hour's drive away from our present house. tomorrow's she'll be sitting for her 1st ABRSM theory exam (grade 5). man. theory seems so ancient to me now. we were discussing about uses of tremolo and tenuto and blah blah blah.. until suddenly.

dad dropped me in front of my friend's house without telling me earlier.

bravo. so i went ringing the doorbell awkwardly, not knowing if they're even at home. the unexpected rain has really caused a lot of damages here and there in the city. i saw our secondary school. a lot of the roof tiles were gone. the "pondok" near the school field had somehow flew past the school and landed outside the main entrance. many trees were either de-rooted or being sliced off. phone lines, broadband, everything.. destroyed.

some say it's a bad omen. scary. i mean, how would rainfall cause so much destruction? there must've been tiny tornados, i guess.

to my (slight) delight, i was welcomed into the house. awkwardly. ate yet more lunch. nice sticky white porridge. but the green bean soup tasted funny. like coffee. and watched Mai-HIME. finally. this time, i've reached episode 6. quite an improvement, eh?


note: "pondok": check the malay-english dictionary, will ya? =p

what a long post.

- norwegian salmon -

"Then, we began looking for the mother kangaroo. The father kangaroo, unlike his wife, was easy to spot - the biggest and most silent of his kind there. He was scanning the green leaves in the feed box with an expression similar to a composer whose talent had long dried up. The other two females were identical in build, identical in fur colour, and even identical in expression. Calling either of them the mother was probably fine.

By the time we were about to leave, the father kangaroo was still searching around in the feed box for any lost music notes. "

translated (by me. i don't have the english version, sadly.) from "A Fine Day For Kangarooing" (Kangaruu Biyori) by MURAKAMI Haruki.



it's funny how some people tend to "repeat history" - whether intentionally or not, i have no clue.

a certain someone A posts a question on his thread in a forum. people begin offering their answers. then, a certain someone B realises that he's got the most accurate answer, so he corrects the others by posting 'the correct answer should be "toilet bowl"'. next thing he knows, there're arguments. then, the arguments are settled.

after a few posts, people start suggesting yet more answers like "coconut milk" or "norwegian salmon" or "purple barney" or "sailor chibimoon", AGAIN, just like what they did initially, before B came out with the best answer.

and the pattern repeats again and again and again and again and again and.. till someone starts thinking the moderator should delete the thread, or, at least, lock it, so that the rondo: alla turca will finally - or hopefully - end.


Tuesday, March 07, 2006

- curious cow -


mood - please refer to the title. thank you.

added a simple layout for my header. yay.

yeap. just installed a scanner (which i had it for a very long time but didn't bother to use it till now), so i started playing with my masterpieces (i.e. doodlings). then i realised how dirty my papers are. and that it's kinda obvious when i drew with rough papers (i.e. unwanted math question papers, macs/mos burger/delifrance recycled papers etc..).. *sigh* it takes a lo------------------------------------ng time for me to clean up one picture. *sobsob*

nevermind, i shall leave them as they are. it's natural beauty (my foot). unless (rarely) cleaning's inevitably needed, for special occassions.

so, how do i clean them? ah, of course, there's something called photoshop. or open cansas. or whatever that programme's named.. just found out that i can ACTUALLY (a bit bit) use photoshop. but with great challenge. 1st of all, i don't own that drawing pad thingie which people use to draw/colour pics on computers. and i'm not a good mouse user. anyhow, my 1st picture came out presentable (lookie at my display pic), though i personally think the colour allocation's like sh*t. =p


been thinking of transcribing manga into novels (picture >> words, you know?). not sure what language to use, though. english.. might be the one i intend to use, but i have very limited vocabulary. chinese.. maybe.. but i'm not sure if i can translate properly, since i've not been using the language for ages. malay.. yeah, as if. japanese.. dream on.

and i finally finished the why-does-it-look-so-much-more-complicated-after-revising-with-proper-guides japanese grammar reference book. returned it. and came back with 3 other books. about japanese grammar as well. hopefully i can finish reading before the end of march. =.=

Sunday, March 05, 2006

- after dark -

currently listening to - Avril Lavigne
mood - sleepy

there are loads of exciting and interesting stuff which can only be done or found after darkness has fallen. like... this... and that... you know. hey, are you thinking about something horny? i'm not talking about that. *tsk tsk tsk*


i remember when we lived in our previous terrace house, the family who stayed directly behind us was made up of verbally abusive people. especially the son who was in his last year of kindergarten, as well as the father (judged from his voice. i've never met them in my entire life before.). usually at night or early in the morning, the son would cry and shriek loudly, and when he'd reached his peak, he would start shouting at everyone with foul languages. there was once when he got mad at his maid and bombarded her with words from her native language which meant something vulgar (dad got so upset he shouted back at the impudent kid).

the father, on the other hand, didn't cry or shriek (err, i'll call the police if he'd done that), and he wasn't that frequent as compared to his son, but whenever he became mad, he would throw tantrums around and bellow non-stop (spitting vulgarities as well) till people living at the ends of the road were able to hear him clearly. i wonder if that had any effect on our mental health.

more than a year ago, we shifted to another house located nearer to my sister's school. this time, among the members of the family staying right behind us, it's the mother who's hysterical. almost every night, she would make her children sit at the dining table (which was fairly close to our kitchen) and study. now, i don't disagree that she's a responsible mother (my mom let us live and eat and play and die freely). however... almost every night, she would scream at her children (most of the time, her son) for not being able to solve simple mathematical questions or score full marks for her self-conducted spelling tests. when she's reached her peak, she would start speaking in tongues. yeap, she literally talks gibberish when she's hysterical.

the effects of her squealing at people can be found easily. for instance, when asked to practice piano, her daughter wouldn't bang at the keyboard - instead, she would repeat the same few bars of Fur Elise over and over and over and over and over and over again, slowly and correctly, for a few hours until she's satisfied.

another effect can be seen - or more accurately, "heard" - from my immediate neighbours. they, too, followed the footsteps of the "education mama", snarling and swearing at each other every now and then. coincidentally, these actions are only carried out after sunset. but of course, they haven't reached the nirvana state at which they begin gibbering like squirrels.

there's another after-dark occurrence, but i doubt that this has got anything to do with the abovementioned lady. there's.. this.. dog...... which belongs to someone living next to the very same "education mama" (or maybe she's the one who's keeping it). very often, after nightfall, its owner would keep it near the backyard (which is very near our kitchen. and my room's right above the kitchen.). then. it would start yelping pitifully for hours. till daybreak. it's not that the dog's not used to the surroundings or what. it's been yelping ever since we moved in.

because of these happenings, we're always thankful that our family's been very tame and nice towards each other. i mean, we don't yell at each other that much (no doubt we do argue, sometimes.), and even if we're upset, our anger will die down very quickly. as for me, i've come to realize that being a light-sleeper is sometimes a disadvantage.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

- a wild slip chase -

currently listening to - Amano Tsukiko
mood - a bit restless, not sure why

finally... after so many gazillion hours of not being able to access the internet with my darling laptop (err..).. had an one-and-a-half-day stay in singapore to get my results. went by bus.

departed around 9am on 1 March with a few other old people. not sure why i was the only young (youngER) one around. the 5-hour busride was, as usual, very tiring. i hate traveling. be it by bus or by plane. i can probably sleep comfortably in my dad's car, but not other vehicles. anyway.. there was a middle-aged couple sitting right next to me (i sat along the single seat column, by the way), and they were never quiet throughout the journey. the husband yawned and burped extremely frequently (and loudly, so that his beautiful voice could reach every tiny part of the bus), and the wife was constantly yelping and squealing excitedly on the phone. no use listenig to my cd player with its volume maxed, even if i had it with me at that time.

reached my destination after 2pm, and i totally missed the principal's speech on praising the top-scorers and complaining about the drop in standard for general paper (no, i dunnow if she'd really said that). the juniors were all so eager to know about the seniors' results. sigh.. what if mine were so bad to the point that i was embarrassed to even tell my mom.. but it turned out alright, in the end. not very good, but not too bad. no doubt i had the most colourful result slip among my group of friends (i.e. a lot of different letters for my grades). literally (umm.. or is it "abstractly"?) passing the exam with "flying colours". most of the others did pretty ok, though there were definitely unexpected results. but don't ask me what i got. thank you.

what really depressed me was that... there was hardly any money left in my bank account. ( º Д º );;; *iyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa*

lived overnight at the boarding school (the 5-star prison where i was helplessly trapped for the past 2 years) in a 2-bedder room. slept for about 5 hours and woke up around 6am the next day. then i decided i should take some snapshots of the hostel so that i can reminisce with them when i turn 50 (sadness..).

had a boring, lonely stroll along toa payoh and orchard later in the morning, after eating pancakes in macs. saw an isolated old man trying to converse with people about his running nose problem. saw a shabby-looking girl sitting along a corridor in takashimaya, scanning intently on her physics reference book. saw the very superbly extremely huge notice about Hello! Singtel shifting to another place which i have not a single clue where the hell is it. saw the complete set of newly published Shinsengumi Imon Peacemaker with new cover designs in kinokuniya (of course, i bought all 5 of them, and i went broke).

in the end, i went in a rush, and came back in a rush as well. but i did accomplish the major things which i planned to do there. the next time i'm going to singapore will be the time i'm transitting to japan (yeah, though i'll be stuck inside changi during that few hours of stay).