Friday, September 23, 2005

- shuubun -

currently listening to - 12 kingdoms ost
mood - a little better due to the comfort of cold air (i hate heat).

oh my, i wuz wondering y is it so damn cold these few days.. especially today.. despite the fact that the other person who's sharing the room is currently on leave.

it's the autumnal equinox day~!!!!! yippeeeeeee~~!!! finally summer is over.. it's the 1st day of autumn~.. i can feel it!! tho im right on top of the equator.


miss autumn a lot. i can still vividly draw a picture in my mind, of the autumn scenery of a place in tokyo. what's it called again? erm.. im not good at remembering names -"-.... tho i've been there for countless times (n we even took family photos there one yr during this season n made it into a calendar).. oh well, i guess some of u might know after reading my descriptions on that place..

it's a long stretch of road with sturdy (at least they look sturdy..) "ichou" (gingko trees) lining up on both sides of the road. during the autumn season, carpets of golden-yellow leaves can b seen on the roadsides. as u look upwards, u'll find that the sky is nearly in turquoise blue. no im not kidding. n not a single bit of cloud can b seen in the sky. plus, the surrounding temperature in tokyo doesn't vary too much, so during autmn u'll feel absolutely great. yeah it's cold. but u won't feel uncomfortable at all. right. we shall put on some background music. say.. the opening theme of how's moving castle "the merry-go-round of life"?

ok i think the place is called "jingu gaien" if im not mistaken. u can find photos of this place using google =p. standing in the middle of this road makes u feel as if u're not in tokyo at all. it's just so different from what we expect tokyo to b like. u know. megalopolis. concrete jungle (no, it shud b a concrete equatorial rainforest.. the real big one.). busy traffic (im telling u, it's worse than KL during peak seasons). few-storey highway (it's really high no matter how many times i look at it from our rental car).

apparently the name "ichou" wuz derived from the chinese term "鴨腳" which literally means "duck foot". this is cuz the ichou leaves look like duck feet.. but the kanji writing of ichou has got nothing to do with ducks. it's written as "銀杏" - silver apricot. n the word "gingko" wuz derived from these 2 kanji. the ichou nuts also have the same kanji writing as the leaves, but they're pronounced differently as "ginnan". by the way, "shuubun" means autumnal equinox day.

whoah, since when have i started a lecture on gingko trees in my blog.. n i don't even take bio..


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