Saturday, January 28, 2006

- bits of memories of 1st job -

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the very 1st task was to welcome the japs at the airport. we (my parents & i. my sis went for a 5-day pandu puteri camp) stood rooted in front of the arrival hall for ages, waiting for the 7 of them to appear. for ages. yeap. initially the plane was supposed to arrive at KLIA around 8pm, but due to some malfunction problem it’s been re-scheduled to reach at 10pm. surprisingly or not, we waited till midnight. japs after japs passed by, & our dear camera crew was no where to be found. well they DID appear eventually. by the time we sent them off to their hotel at 2am, we almost went crippled.

for a 1st-timer (in doing part-time jobs) like me, it’s really a new & tiring experience. of course, there’re ups & downs during the 9 days. the next day (the official 1st day of work) one of their cameras kind of broke down, so my seemingly-too-helpful parents went all over the state in search of someone who could fix it. failed. instead they found a guy who rents cameras who made an offer of 3k per day (after bargaining). the jap cameraman accepted the offer, but didn’t get his replacement camera immediately. when mr. renter was about to do the transaction, someone announced that the broken camera was fixed! woohoo guess which innocent little part-timer who didn’t know a single thing about them renting cameras got scolded by the rental guy (who stumped away for another business nearby b4 everything was officially settled) without a reason?

the kuala lumpur conference hall was packed with men & women in black. as an ordinary part-timer who’s not exactly related to the conferences, i couldn’t do anything except for walking around the so-called “waiting room” (which actually looked more like a normal corridor with free flows of coffee & tea..). looking out of the glass windows u could c suria klcc & it’s huge garden quite clearly. then i decided to take some snapshots of stuff found in my vicinity. later in the afternoon, we went to another hotel for the recording of even more conferences. after what seemed like hours lurking up & down the hotel, i got bored again. so i thought since i was so free, i should get to know my digicam better by clicking around. that’s when i deleted all my pics.

eating with jap businessmen (they’re called "salaryman" in jap). yeap. that’s another rather interesting occasion. they’re just full of rules & customs, & they follow them blindly (most of the time). so far I found none of them who doesn’t drink beer. it’s their custom, apparently, that everyone should drink during meals, including women (they spend over hundreds of ringgit everyday for beer). i got away by claiming that i’m allergic towards alcohols (it’s true la), but i still smelled worse than smoked salmon every night (or should i say, every morning?) after returning home. cuz most of them r chain-smokers. one thing good about having meals with them was that i got to try a variety of cuisines which i don’t normally get to eat if i was with my family. from cheap mamak stall foods to unbelievably expensive korean dishes. we tried all of them.

and yes. some of u were wondering if i followed jun-jun around day & night… well… yeah i did saw him... i did manage to stand close enough to take his pics (they’re somehow a little blurred, cuz he walked as fast as typhoon & was forever surrounded by sp’s)… but NO i didn’t stick with him 24/7 like a stalker! =p


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