Saturday, January 28, 2006

- mmorpg or not mmorpg? -

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ways to get defames/demerits when u play online games:-
- u purposely did a so-called “kill-stealing” (killing monsters which already fell victim to some other players earlier on)
- u’re not so skilled in aiming & accidentally, unintentionally kill-stealed
- certain paranoid players thought u’re about to kill-steal when u’re innocent
- u left ur character standing around doing nothing while u went afk (away from keyboard)
- u stood too long at a certain place without moving (eg. 5 mins)
- u ignored someone who was talking to u
- u accidentally cancelled an unexpected trade/party request
- u purposely cancelled an unexpected trade/party request
- u ignored an unexpected trade/party request
- u didn’t have the items asked for trading
- ur character hasn’t obtained enough level to b able to fame/defame others
- ur level was comparably lower than the others (ie u look weaker)
- u looked/sounded like a scammer even though u’re not
- u’re from a different country/ethnic
- u asked some real noobs who called others noobs y he/she did so
- u’re trying to stop some real noobs from bullying others
- u’re considered a noob
- u’re considered a scammer
- u’re helplessly surrounded by a pro-defaming gang
- u somehow aggravated the pro-defaming gang

suggestions when u get defamed:-
- if u’re a vengeful person – find lots & lots of people to take revenge together with u
- if u’re a carefree person – just ignore. it won’t hurt in real life if u get defamed. relax.
- otherwise, the best method – DON’T PLAY ONLINE GAMES

ro : rox
by the way im NOT from the pro-defaming gang thanks
& please dont consider the points above too seriously cuz i just wrote out of boredom


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