Monday, January 30, 2006

- sleepyhead on 2nd day of cny -

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it's been 3 days (& 4 nights) since mom left home to taiwan for holi. somehow we've been doing well without her. we: well fed; dogs: well fed too; laundry: done punctually everyday; internet: surfed very often; piano: hit occassionally; house: in a mess. thought i personally think it's in a mess even when she's around. not saying anything bad about her, but our house is just stuffed with too much.. stuff. =p

so we decided to polish up things here & there to make our place less "unslightly".

cutleries. a lot of them have been with us since the last century. imagine how stained they r even if we washed them clean everytime we used them. then dad (who always comes up with strange ideas) suggested we should use toothpaste to clean their stain, since it works in getting rid of tooth stains.. & it really worked. my hello kitty plastic bowl (which very obviously my parents had bought it when i was still at the age of sucking milk bottles..) which looked brownish, turned back into white & the hello kitty face has once again revealed itself. hmm.. is it cuz i'm easily amazed by simple things when actually everyone else does that at home or.. >.>.. by the way the toothpaste brand was zact.

manga. yes, they're one of the contributors to y our house is so messy. to make them look neater.. (mind u we dont have enough shelves for mangas) i thought i should pack them into small hand-made boxes (without cover) & stack them on my 2-feet-tall shelf. for once, my mom's manuscript books' back covers (card boards made of recycled papers) came into great use. after packing 2.5 sets of manga (around 70 books) i was out of sticky tapes to make boxes.. by then my task was only 30% complete (not counting manga belonging to my sis).

looks like our aim to make our house look nicer is harder to reach then we thought.

oh, to all those who celebrate chinese new year, gong xi fa cai!! may all of u hav a prosperous & great year! well, i myself dont really fancy the celebrations & stuff even though we do ask for red packs =p.. i prefer sleeping peacefully at home with the comfort of air-con.

argh.. y r the neighbours so noisy...


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