Wednesday, February 01, 2006

- cny entertainment: part 1 -

currently listening to – fullmetal alchemist osts
mood – a little unsettling

been encountering a series of random events since yesterday.

part 1: running dogs 走狗

was happily clicking around the forum i’ve not visited for quite some time, & next i heard my sis chanting something (she always does that when something unexpected occurs)… “…….~~~~~~…~~~~~…~~..!!!!” apparently she was trying to say “sonny’s pushing the gate open sonny’s pushing the gate open sonny’s pushing the gate open… IT’S OPEN!!!!” then she went screaming at our other dog & both the dogs dashed out of the house in excitement.

one might think that it’s not really a random event, cuz all dogs go for strolls (just that they don’t open the gate themselves. sonny even turned on pipes on his own once.). but the problem’s that we haven’t succeeded in walking them ever since they’re small. imagine a person resisting the pull of a truck. that’s how we felt when we’re being dragged by them. if we’re to walk them without chains.. i doubt that they’ll b coming back without peeing & pooping in front of all the houses of people they despise.

it’s almost impossible to catch big bro (the older dog) since he runs like a bullet, so we decided to trick sonny (the younger idiot) back into the house first. deceiving sonny was like hitting a dizzy giant fly with its legs stuck within my dad’s wrinkles using my mom’s manuscript book, i.e. it’s a piece of cake, with a few injuries (he’s stupid but strong...)… ignore the previous sentence. capturing our dear i-am-5-going-on-6 big bro required team work & tactics. after tying sonny we waited big bro to appear in front of the house. when he did, i rushed towards him face to face (er… like we’re gladiators in the coliseum?) &
nothing. just grabbed hold of his collar & pulled him back, while sis quickly shut the gate, in case he did a counterstrike.

and so.. our automatic gate spoilt (again, due to similar causes). apparently, sonny tried to force it open with his head. darn, we’ve just fixed the left one not long ago, & now the other side went haywire. to top it all, it’s the third day of chinese new year, which means that nobody’s gonna fix it for u. thanks sonny, that’s a real nice cny present.


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