Wednesday, February 01, 2006

- cny entertainment: part 2 -

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after the zau-gau (running dogs) event i became a little bitchy (ooh, such an auntie-thing). don’t ask me y. mayb it’s the call of the wild after playing with dogs. went to the forum & posted loads & loads of bitchy replies for all kinds of threads. =p

by the way they’re both males.

part 2: pirates of klang river (starring: dad + 2 men)

next morning (which was this morn). suddenly we heard our doorbell ringing. when we’re guessing if it’s sonny who’s doing that (mayb he’s gone out of the house again?), we saw a stranger standing beyond the gate. with one look, even the lizards living in our kitchen suspected that he’s not someone who lives around the neighbourhood. probably.

“hello, uncle!”
“cari siapa?”
(who’re u looking for?)
“pungut sampah!”
(collecting garbage!)

oh, right. it’s the garbage men. we saw the “douglas waste” giant stopping in front of some neighbouring house.

“uncle, ada angpau lagi tak?”
(uncle, do u still hav red packs?)

hey hey hey wait a second.. didn’t the garbage men come 2 days ago?

“tapi monday u orang sudah datang, bukan?”
(but didn’t u guys came on monday?)
“ya, monday sekali, wednesday sekali la! kita lain orang!”
(yeah, we come once on monday, once on wednesday! we’re different groups of people!)

then the “douglas waste” driver popped his head out of the window.

“haih, kenapa macam ni ah? bulapa orang?”
(*sigh* y is it like that? how many of u there?)
“hari itu 6, hari ini pun 6 ka? tipu la!”
(that day 6, today 6 again? don’t fool me!)

well, in the end he handed them red packs, in case they took out their parangs & started slaughtering us. just cuz he gave the first six who came 2 days ago (monday) each a red pack. dad, sometimes u’re just too kind. we (my sis & i) wouldn’t hav turned out like that if u weren’t so. >.>

it was then when we planned to sneak away early in the morning on friday. we don’t wanna lose anymore angpaus, even though the ones dad gave the second group only had a buck each.


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