Wednesday, February 01, 2006

- cny entertainment: part 3 -

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dad’s birthday’s coming. jusco sent him a big pile of discount/buy-2-free-1 vouchers. it’s a pity we don’t use the vouchers at all in the previous years. this year, we (my sis & i again) wanted to do something different.

part 3: memoir of 3 siaokia (the call of the wild: take 2)

we invited our good old fren to tag along in the nearby shopping mall. our plan was to try to spend all the vouchers (offered by gsc, baskin 31 robbins, kenny rogers’, starbucks etc) there, since dad didn’t wanna join us. but we went there mainly just to watch movie, though. as usual, the beelines in front of the ticket booths were enormously long.

we were hesitating over a few choices. fearless: but my sis didn’t really liked cantonese fighting movies. oliver twist: hmm.. never heard people commenting about it, what if it turned out lousy? memoirs of a geisha: well.. my friends did recommend this one (the main reason was to support datok yeoh. that’s all.)... king kong: … our friend who’s with us there had already watched it (though she didn’t mind re-watching it in the cinema) & there’re only around 15 seats left when we’re still miles away from the booths. i asked my friend to choose between geisha & king kong…

“ok, should we watch the horny one or the violent one?”
“the violent one? u mean the national geographic.”

finally, the soon-to-be birthday girl (my sis) chose geisha. & i handed over the gsc buy-2-free-1 voucher when the lady said…

“oh this offer’s only available for international movies.”

which means.. geisha’s not? (but king kong & narnia were.)

anyway, we did watch the movie. i shall not comment anything about the storyline cuz i’m not too convinced myself if the reviews i saw were true. however… we spent the first 15 or 20 minutes (exclude the ads) LISTENING to the movie. the bottom half of the screen was totally black & it was obvious that the director didn’t purposely made the movie so unwatchable at the beginning, since most of the audience, i was sure, didn’t understand a single word the japs said (o’, some vere in eeenglish).

after the movie ended, we sat till all the others had left. my sis & friend wondered y couldn’t i get up.

“i’m gonna explode.”
“y, u’re turning savage? u heard the call of the wild during the movie?”
“it’s the call of nature.”

in the end, we didn’t manage to spend a single voucher. we weren’t hungry anymore, after loads of popcorns & cokes, & we’re definitely not going for banana-splits (baskin 31 robbins voucher: free 2.5oz ice cream if u purchase 2 sets of banana splits). none of us drink coffee either.


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