Tuesday, February 28, 2006

- a lazy cow's diary -

currently listening to - Isayama Mio
mood- slightly anxious

it's the twenty-eighth day of february. approximately thirty-one days to april. and speaking of april, an enormous change is going to happen in my life in that particular month. well, yeah, tomorrow's actually a big day as well, but i merely hope that nothing bizzare or horrible will happen, and that's all. i've had enough commotion going on around me, in both reality and the virtual world. for the time being, i've been doing a couple of things to kill time.

1. borrowed a three-hundred-page long reference book on advanced japanese grammar exactly a week ago. after flipping through, i found myself even more confused about the grammar than before. ahh... how am i supposed to understand it completely within one week... so i decided to extend my rental period for another one week, and see if things would get better by then.

2. started writing another story. english. i thought of writing it simultaneously with chinese as well, since my chinese is heavily deteriorating too... anyway... this story has been in my head for many years (it's a long fiction story, by the way), to tell the truth. the characters have been refined (or ruined) over and over again during the course of absorbing tips from various sources (movies, novels, manga etc...), but somehow i could only figure out a certain chunk of the story at a time. maybe it's 'coz of my limited english vocabulary. *sobs*

3. been analysing on the lyrics of some japanese songs with my parents (huh?). there's one from which we've picked up certain words that sound something like this:-

as i walked pointlessly along this sleepless street,
a girl came folding her arms around me...
mosquito. come walk with me till daybreak.
it's alright if we don't know each other's names...
mosquito. while i was grabbing hold of your cold hands,
i feel that i have nothing important at all...
mosquito. before melting under the morning light,
let us have our kiss of truth...
mosquito. after drawing out my wallet from me,
you disappeared amidst the neon lights...

it was then my dad suddenly suggested that the mosquito's probably a prostitute.
err... no. (=.=) we're just having fun deciphering the lyrics OUR way. i'm sorry if this caused you to have negative views on that song.. anyway, i like it. and for your information, the song's called "Mosquito" (duh...), sung by SHIMAMIYA Eiko (from I've).

that's about what i do everyday since the beginning of february, other than breathing, sleeping, eating, walking, surfing internet, playing piano, talking, doing businesses, singing and the like. oh yeah, and watching fullmetal alchemist on wah lai toi every saturday and sunday with my sister, even though i've watched the entire series.

and... for entertainment purpose, here's the "Hokkien Poem" (took from my yahoo group) for those who understand. as for me, i could only understand part of it, since i know nuts about hokkien dialect. enjoy.

Children is Kina Kia,
Bird is Chiao Kia,
Korean Car is Kia,
Give birth is Seh Kia,
Furniture is Ikea,
Police is Mata Kia,
Small House is Chu Kia,
Country Name is Czechoslovakia,
Puppy is Kao Kia,
Kitten is Ngiao Kia,
Chicken is Kuey Kia,
Pig is Tu Kia,
Handphone is Nokia.

I'm Hokkien Kia,
Malay is Huan Kia,
Hindu is Kit Leng Kia,
Kuai Lou is Ang Mo Kia,
Chinese is T'ng Lang Kia,
Japanese is Jit Pun Kia,
Bad Guy is Phai Kia,
Good Guy is Ho Kia.

Person who read this message is Gong Kia,
If you laugh, you are Siow Kia.

hey, that's me...


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