Saturday, February 04, 2006

- lets learn history -

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once upon a time, there was this sultan & he's the ruler of a peaceful community. one day, a foreigner named sanbao taijian (for those who know chinese, u might hav a hint on who's this guy) visited the sultan. the sultan wanted to know if this foreigner was truly a magnificent man. so he asked, pointing at a sturdy tree nearby...

"sanbao, oh sanbao, can u make that tree bear edible fruits with thorns & wonderful smell by tomorrow?"
"certainly, my lord," answered the visitor.

and so, late at night when everyone had fallen asleep, the foreigner gathered his followers & together, they wrapped their own poop with pandan leaves which they had stuck thorns on them & hanged the new "fruits" on the tree.

that's how asians discovered the king of fruits - durian.


this is what dad heard from his history tutor. sounded as if the locals were stupid (discrimination!!). was it april fool that day (when the tree bore poops)? apparently the story was told to show how smart the chinese were. i wonder what kind of things people learnt back in the past... (-"-)


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