Wednesday, February 22, 2006

- puteri gunung ledang the outing -

on the stuffy evening of the nineteenth day of february saw four would-be undergraduates - including me - in black arriving before istana budaya in a cab. quite a number of visitors could be seen around the place in groups, as the matinee had just ended.

after meeting the rest of our group (there was a total of nine of us altogether), i was quite anxious about whether or not we would be able to watch the show on that day, since we failed to purchase any ticket - they were completely sold out till the official last day of performance (which was originally 26th of feb). thanks to two of the eldest and most mature, we're lucky enough to get stall seats (huh?!) in the end, even though the show had started for 15 minutes when i was fumbling into the hall excitedly.

the show was very captivating. if it hadn't been the lousy sound system and the volume which was gradually getting louder after the intermission (which i find it too loud), it would've been an excellent show. nevertheless, this has slightly changed my pessimistic view on local musicals. ;)

hang tuah's voice was great (many girls were surrounding him enthusiastically after the show for photo taking). adipati was cute but charismatic (much better than the perv mahmud, i'd say). and of course, we're glad that our dear family member could be seen all around the stage throughout the show, acting as both majapahit and melaka's resident. =p

overall, our outing was definitely worth it. athough i had to make my parents wait for my return till 2a.m. the next day, it's great to have watched a performance with best seats and, most important of all, the tickets were FREE. :D Posted by Picasa


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