Wednesday, February 08, 2006

- the road not taken -

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A traveler was standing at the beginning of a split road, the spot where I had been not long ago. The road diverges into several choices – each having different tasks awaiting us ahead. There was a widest path without many obstacles, which was obviously the commonest choice among travelers. Then, there was a far narrower one, which crept into what seemed like a rather unexplored region of the woods, but, somehow, made me feel that it was better than the former one when I was making my decision back then.

The narrow path beckoned to me, and I was quite sure of where I wanted to go, when, accidentally, I found another option which was as alluring to me. It didn’t actually look like a path, as it was even less traveled as compared to the narrower one. Somehow, it occurred to me that I should take this one instead. So I did.

I strolled along this alien path, in search of another split road. And, I knew it was time to decide again, as I found that slowly, but surely, my destination loomed before me. Was it because I was lucky enough to find my way out? I wondered, as I observed the options lying in front of me. The choices were somewhat similar to the previous one, but I proceeded on the invisible path, as though I have made up my mind to do so since a long time ago. Although I do not deny that my journey was not free of problems and challenges, and I expect more of them to come, I did not turn back to where I was initially, for I was satisfied with gaining so much experiences by traveling this way which I’m sure will play their parts in the future.

Now, the traveler had finally decided. He started walking onto the narrow path which I did not take. I wished him the best of luck, hoping that he would not give up journeying along that path and, one day, arrive at his final destination.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what kind of path we choose. The most important thing is that we have the opportunity to create our own path and continue walking on them even if there are unpleasant events at times, until we finally see the fruits of our labours.


to my bosom friend: all the best in ur studies in taiwan!
to my asean family & x-classmates: c u all in 2 wks time.. =p
to my dear: ignore the real noobs.

to myself: what a boring blog. (>.>)
to my sister: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


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