Thursday, March 16, 2006

- 3月のある晴れた朝に妙な男に出会うことについて -

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and pendidikan moral teaches us to become "tolerant and understanding" citizens.
please allow me a moment to laugh.


we're out buying groceries in another city (we always do that) when dad suddenly realised the car's almost out of fuel. so we went to the petrol kiosk. after refilling, we met another car which was about to leave the kiosk as well.

being a "tolerant and understanding" citizen, dad let the other driver move onto the busy main road first (our cars were side by side). but he didn't, even when the path was clear. he stared at dad intently. so dad stared back at him, not knowing what did he mean.

then dad gave him a hand gesture that was supposed to mean something like "you may go first" or "after you". that was when the misunderstanding occurred, i guess. the man thought dad was scolding and complaining about him. so he stared yet more intently at us, his face twitching like a ferocious beast.

at last he made his move. he drove out of the petrol kiosk slo--wly. since there were other cars behind us, waiting to leave the place, dad thought it not too considerate to drive so ignorantly. so he gave the twitching driver a soft honk.

the driver drove onto the main road finally. but he stopped his car by the side of the road, after a few metres into his journey. we drove on. and he followed us.

you might think that coincidentally we're going towards the same direction. but no. nope. dad tried to shake him off by turning into a smaller lane swiftly.

and he followed.

our car moved on at high speeds, until we slowed down and made a U-turn.

and he followed.

finally, we arrived at the main road once again. and finally, the driver drove pass us, giving us another nasty glare before he disappeared. i bet he saw our car's number plate clearly. wonder if he'll call his gang of friends and launch an attack at us.

for being "tolerant and understanding" citizens. thanks.


note: pendidikan moral = moral education (a subject taught in our secondary schools)


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