Tuesday, March 28, 2006

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mood - sleepy. it's dang hot and boring.

a week later's today, i won't be doing many of my usual routines anymore. first of all.. no darling laptop. no all-day-free wonderland. no hiropi. no sister to yell and joke at. no mom to make fun of (err..). no sleeping-in (i guess). no lazing around. no everything else in my room including manga. etc etc etc.. i can probably make a whole long list of "no"s if i had time.

nonetheless, the change isn't totally bad. i mean, i can still do things that i like, right? eat. write. draw. blog. sleep. and.. nevermind. plus, surely there'll be (i hope) things which i cannot enjoy if i hide at home. even if i don't have my darling with me, i can still possibly access internet. even if i can't see you guys, we can still keep in touch via e-mail or.. blog (TAG!!). speaking of which, one of my e-mail adds' currently been dominated by mom. but no worries, i can still use it.

such a fantastic afternoon. the birds are fighting outside. one of them crashed on my window. ouch.

suddenly noticed that i visit the airport more often than the headmistress/principle's office. is that a good thing? hmm. come to think of it, i've actually visited the office more frequently than most of the students. ever since elementary school days. disciplinary problems (*gasps* what did you do till the headmistress made you see her?!?!), more disciplinary problems, academic achievements, non-academic achievements, yet more disciplinary problems, blah. oh, that's not the point here, innit? =p

yeah. probably 'coz each of us (my family. except for my sis.) go overseas pretty often, that's why we became regular visitors of the airport. heh. i've just been there about a week ago. tomorrow, we'll be going there again. and next monday, i'll be going there once more.

time flies, huh? many were somewhat surprised that i'll be leaving so soon. have i packed properly? have i visited all my relatives and close friends? have i had my last supper with my family? umm.. to tell the truth. NO. (=.=''') and i doubt that i'll be doing much for the following days till my day of departure (but makan with the malayseans? of course!!). gee.. how on earth am i supposed to pack my clothes? should i bring my NJ notes (*hears even louder gasps*)? argh... then again, it's not like there're no libraries in the university..

surprisingly, i don't feel excited. ok, maybe a little anxious about what kind of neighbour i'll be having, and a little worried whether or not i'll be able to save some money out of my allowance... (~.~) for one thing, nobody's getting a roomie, 'coz they're all single rooms. nye nye nye nye nye nye...


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