Friday, March 24, 2006

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mom always told us to stay strong towards words. after all, words are one of the most powerful weapons in our lives. even more powerful than bovine spongiform encephalopathy. even more powerful than Sexy no Jutsu (come to think of it, Sexy no Jutsu exists only because of the existence of words, isn't it? =p). dad once said, 'words are like drugs.' so true.

words are sometimes extremely influential. there're so many people out there who turned neurotic or psychotic because of words. a person didn't mean to offend or hurt someone, but unintentionally, he or she did. to you, saying 'You suck!!' or 'Stupid loser..' might sound nothing more than some light banter. but to others, it might be a different case.

i personally feel very very offended when referred to as a "noob". to me, it's equivalent to the world's vulgarest word, even if it doesn't actually mean so. this is probably because i'm so irritated that the word is being used so commonly, just like the 4 letter word (quoting from my sis: [f]riendship [u]sually [c]ontains [k]indness. actually it doesn't sound correct to me but who cares..).

when i show slight inexperience in handling things, you call me a noob and start firing me enjoyably with foul, offensive, taboo and god-knows-what words like missiles.

when i ignore you (me mom always sae, deunt yea dare talk te strangers.), you call me a noob and start making everyone in the world believe that i'm an impudent ignorant insane indecent irresponsible illegal idiot.

when i don't ignore you and do give you responses, you call me a noob and start picking on my usage of every single letter and space in my sentences.

cliché!!!! it's an overusage of the word "noob"! the word is used so frequently and commonly that it's original meaning is long lost. this person doesn't know how to read the rules: noob. that person does non-commonsensical things: noob. this girl's just so annoying: noob. that girl's a total idiot: noob. this guy's skin colour's so odd: noob. that guy's so preachy: noob. i don't like siaokia: NOOB! thanks.

father father father help me. send some guidance from above. cause people got me got me questioning.. why is it "noob"?

argh.. i'm drifting away from the main topic. *scroll up to see what have i actually written*

right. influential. therefore, to keep ourselves from being easily infected by bovine spongi.. wait. wrong one. therefore, to keep ourselves from being easily influenced by words.. WE HAVE TO BE IGNORANT!!! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA....

hem hem. i don't think there's an effective way to solve the "problem", that is, if you think it is one. but most important of all, i realised that i've totally forgotten what was i gonna say, so i think i should stop here before i continue rambling nonsense. tata!

* bovine spongiform encephalopathy: mad cow disease.

ah. now i'm not gloomy anymore. blogging is good for health. =p


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