Tuesday, March 14, 2006

- the butterfly effect -

went to the embassy to apply for visa. it wasn't too packed with visitors (it never was), but we took a long time settling our stuff. *sighs in relief, now that everything's (hopefully) done*

we filled in the application forms before leaving the house. then, we went to the library to return books before heading to the embassy. it so happened that it's the japanese lady's shift. she's an extremely nice librarian. the person before me returned her books late, but the librarian didn't demand for penalty fees. she merely winked and said in katakana form, 'i give you saabisu.' actually it's "service", and in japanese, this means something like 'you have my "special treatment" for today.' *gasps*

on the other hand. if it were the kakak. she'd probably ask for your money no matter how close you are to her.

back to the story. our forms were rejected. *the horror* we did state clearly our personal details and purposes - all 3 of us applied for different reasons. i'm going to study. mom's going for her Haruki symposium. whereas dad.. he's going for kyoto's sakura phototaking (i wonder his "sakura" refers to the real flower or..). however, that woman (another kakak) claimed that we didn't state the names, addresses and contact numbers of our guarantors. bleah..

i don't even know where i'm staying, how am i supposed to know which lecturer will be my guarantor, ne? but, in the end, everything was settled. pray that 3 days later i'll be able to get my visa (it's stated that the visa application takes 3 working days).

ok, the end of side story. here's the main one (huh..).


just feel like sharing a few songs that i have in my playlist, which contain the word "butterfly". for the fun of it. note: the numbering doesn't mean it's the ranking for the songs.

1. 「蝶」
("chou". english: "butterfly")
sung by: Amano Tsukiko. moderately deep voice. J-Rock. very loud. played in a minor key (more of a sentimental song).
anything special: very loud guitar strumming (typical rock song, ne?). there're violins as well.
extracts of the song: i dived into the underground and digged a hole continuously, without knowing where the hole would lead me. i held the scoop covered with soil in one hand, searching for your arm...

2. 「Butterfly」
sung by: Angela. moderately deep nasal voice. err.. more like pop music. fast and happy song.
anything special: trumpets. her nasal voice.

3. 「Butterfly」
sung by: Mariah Carey. slow song. oh, do i have to explain this? almost everyone who listens to english songs knows this song. =p

4. 「Butterfly」
sung by: Wada Koji. opening theme of Digimon 01. the only guy singer in the list. 0.O;.. definitely pop. fast and very happy happy song.
anything special: he can sing high notes...

5. 「Butterfly Kiss」
sung by: Yonekura Chihiro. opening theme of Groove Adventure Rave. poppish, but sounds a little i-am-a-country-girl-lalalalalala.. er. nevermind that.
anything special: -sound of the wind..- at the beginning, and there're people murmuring during a certain part of the song..

6. 「Lost Butterfly」
sung by: Rurutia. the "i'm very ill" kind of voice. sentimental. played in major key, but it sounds sad.
anything special: the "i'm very ill" kind of voice (=.=)....
extracts of the song: the butterfly wanders. the subway is a maze. no matter how much it flaps.. no matter how much it flaps.. the exit could not be found...

7. 「逆さまの蝶」
("sakasama no chou". english: "the inverted butterfly")
sung by: SNoW. opening theme of Jigoku Shoujo. slow song. mostly minor, but major in choruses.
anything special: very strong pronunciation of the letter "L".

another long post. *sighs*...


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