Monday, March 20, 2006

- crazy cow -

currently listening to - L'arc~En~Ciel
mood - crazy

sometimes, playing online game's really a good way to de-stress. well, i don't mean those mmorpg (multimedia online role playing game or whatever they call it). i'm playing single-player games. here's a nice website. free membership. and occassionally, i love to go mad on it's word games. ah. i'm so cow-like, after all. cows go insane when they spot red stuff, isn't it? i wonder what kind of "red" i've spotted today..

ahah. so that's why i'm listening to L'arc now..

anyhow. did a couple of seemingly useless tests. just for the fun of it. and i'm pretty satisfied with what i've achieved. =p


- Weird Quotient Test -
Your score is: 127!! Of all the weird test takers:
4% are more weird,
2% are just as weird,
and 94% are more normal than you!

me: yippeee. i'm a weirdo. but i'm sure some of you guys can beat me. eh, eh! those who're perasan. don't perasan OH.

What is your weird quotient? Click to find out!

- "Are You A Loser?" Test -
Overall, you scored as follows:
37% are cooler,
and63% are more of a loser than you.
What does this mean? You're cooler than half the people! Great work!

me: oh. cool.

I am 37% loser. What about you? Click here to find out!

- "Are You Stupid?" Test -
Overall, you scored as follows:
39% scored higher (more stupid),
4% scored the same,
and 57% scored lower (less stupid).
You are 57% stupid. This means... You are, on average, smart and stupid. Read a few more books and decrease your score!

me: i knew it....


- "Are You Money-minded?" Test -
Your Score: 31!! This is a great score! You don't seem to take money super seriously, but you do understand the importance of it. Keep up the same thinking! On the down side, there are people out there who love your money more than you do (like us).Be careful! Don't say we didn't warn you!
Overall, you scored as follows:
54% scored higher,
2% scored the same,
and 44% scored lower.
me: yay~!

see that? that's why i describe them as "seemingly useless". sometimes, i get cheap thrills out of these though..


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