Tuesday, March 07, 2006

- curious cow -


mood - please refer to the title. thank you.

added a simple layout for my header. yay.

yeap. just installed a scanner (which i had it for a very long time but didn't bother to use it till now), so i started playing with my masterpieces (i.e. doodlings). then i realised how dirty my papers are. and that it's kinda obvious when i drew with rough papers (i.e. unwanted math question papers, macs/mos burger/delifrance recycled papers etc..).. *sigh* it takes a lo------------------------------------ng time for me to clean up one picture. *sobsob*

nevermind, i shall leave them as they are. it's natural beauty (my foot). unless (rarely) cleaning's inevitably needed, for special occassions.

so, how do i clean them? ah, of course, there's something called photoshop. or open cansas. or whatever that programme's named.. just found out that i can ACTUALLY (a bit bit) use photoshop. but with great challenge. 1st of all, i don't own that drawing pad thingie which people use to draw/colour pics on computers. and i'm not a good mouse user. anyhow, my 1st picture came out presentable (lookie at my display pic), though i personally think the colour allocation's like sh*t. =p


been thinking of transcribing manga into novels (picture >> words, you know?). not sure what language to use, though. english.. might be the one i intend to use, but i have very limited vocabulary. chinese.. maybe.. but i'm not sure if i can translate properly, since i've not been using the language for ages. malay.. yeah, as if. japanese.. dream on.

and i finally finished the why-does-it-look-so-much-more-complicated-after-revising-with-proper-guides japanese grammar reference book. returned it. and came back with 3 other books. about japanese grammar as well. hopefully i can finish reading before the end of march. =.=


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