Tuesday, March 21, 2006

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currently listening to - sumo wrestling. yes, listening. dad's the one watching.
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didn't have enough sleep. i'm feeling a little - zzzzz....

melman, you're so cute. even when you gave marty your first rectal thermometer.

been trying to make my mom pronounce the word "gobalisation" more accurately (note: this is not the reason why i'm sleepy. i've spent the whole night finishing the last grammar book so that i could return it this morning. that's why i'm now relived.). it's not that my sis and i are trying to make life difficult for her. she was the one who came and ask us how.

it all started with the guessing game for the correct pronunciation of "ecclesiastes". first, it was "ack-lae-sighs-test". then, it became "ack-lee-see-tis". and it went on and on and on, till finally, she managed to pronounce it as "ickle-xy-ass-tis". yeah, i know the real one doesn't sound like that, but, fair enough.

so, she went on asking us how to pronounce "globalisation" since she'll probably be using it when conversing with the english people during the symposium. again, it's a disaster to both of us. after nearly 24 hours of hard work, while i'm typing out the third paragraph of this post, she finally managed to say "globb-a-lie-say-tion". it's still not 100% accurate, but at least it's better than saying "grobber-rice-assion", eh?

this reminds me about the fact that, without determination (, deliberation, destination.. blah blah. sorry. suddenly felt like quoting from the half-blood prince. =p) and suitable environment, a normal being will not be able to become proficient in a language. i repeat. NORMAL being. mom and dad are from the much older generation. english wasn't so important (to them) then. they could do well enough with mandarin and japanese.

whereas my sis and i grew up with all four languages - malay as the national language, english as the international language, mandarin as mother tongue (but we speak cantonese at home) and japanese as foreign language. we didn't even have time to think whether we should learn them or not. they just sipped into our lives gradually as we grew up. no doubt we're not particularly good at any of them, since it's not an easy thing to become multi-lingual, but at least we're able to put them into use whenever we want to. and i'm sure this will, someday, come in handy.

just to share with you guys about something related to languages as well, although this isn't really connected with the previous paragraphs.. it's an extract from the script of a 5-minute skit by my sis and her classmates, in which you can tell the difference between proper english and our all-time favourite bolehland's manglish.

note 1: this script is based on a famous joke. some of you might find it familiar.
note 2: we've modified a few spellings and changed a few words for personal preferences.

note 3: ...... i forgot some parts of the script! =.=


3 english people came to bolehland for holidays and stayed in Sea Bay Hotel (actually there's a joke here but.. nevermind.. i don't think i should post it on my blog). after getting her room key, Jo (starring: my sis! clapclapclapclap..) headed to her room to take a rest. then, she was hungry (i don't know, but somehow they set the time as morning). so she dialed for "room service" (RS).

RS: goo morrin. loon sirbees.
Jo: i thought i dialed "room service"..
RS: collect.. loon sirbees.. morrin!! jooish dto odour sunteen?
Jo: uh, yes. i'd like to have some bacon and eggs.
RS: owl july dam?
Jo: what?
RS: OWL JULY DAM? ... pride, buoyed, poochd?
Jo: oh, the eggs! how do i like them? sorry, scrambled please.
RS: owl july dee beckham? crease?
Jo: crisp will be fine.
RS: hockey. an sun dtoes?
Jo: what??
RS: an - dtoes. july - sun - dtoes?
Jo: i don't think so.
RS: no? judo one sun dtoes??
Jo: i feel really bad about this, but i don't know what "judo one sun those" means.
RS: dtoes! DTOES! ... wye ju don juan dtoes? owl bow anglis moppin wee bodter?
Jo: english muffin!! i've got it! you're saying "toast". fine. yes, an english muffin will be fine.
RS: wee bodter?
Jo: no.. just put the bother on the side.
RS: wahd?
Jo: i mean butter.. just put it on the side.
RS: copy?
Jo: excuse me?
RS: copy..? tee..? meel..?
Jo: yes. coffee, please. and that's all.
RS: worn minny. scammer ache, crease beckham, anglis moppin wee bodter on sigh an copy... rye?
Jo: whatever you say.
RS: dtenjoobellymudsch.
Jo: you're very welcome.


fin. dtenjoo.. i mean, thank you very much for spending your time reading this crap.


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