Sunday, March 26, 2006

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ugh.. what's that smell...?

suddenly realised that i always begin my post without thinking about what should i actually write. just felt like typing something. typing is fun. lalalalalalala. it's like playing the piano, y'know. i love poking the keyboard. somehow it gives me a sense of satisfaction. well of course, i'll feel shitty if the "notes" don't come out correct.

doesn't matter. ok. let's see.. i've just found out that recently my sis has been abusing my online game character by taking real dang a lot of..... interesting snapshots. here's one.

why is ma dear kelefeh trying to commit suicide.

oh. this reminds me of (why does this remind you of it when this's got nothing to do wid it..) a quality which i've found (so far) only in online games. there's equality in gender!! i.e. both genders are treated equally in such games. not only guys, but girls are being bullied as well. yay. er.. it doesn't sound like a positive thing anymore, eh..

i like to try out characters with both gender, and from my experience/experiment, girls can sometimes get good treatment from others (particularly guys), but this never happens among guys. yeah, it'll probably look weird if a girl always pampers and protects a guy as though he's her "most precious".. i'm not saying it doesn't happen, but that'll make me think that the guy's a weakling. personal opinion. =p


randomly downloaded a short manga entitled "the castle".

a little girl named Yukari kept dreaming of herself escaping from a long-haired lady in a huge house, who was trying to murder her. her parents decided to let her stay in her uncle's place during the summer holidays. on the way to her uncle's place, she saw the exact same huge house which appeared in her dreams, but no one believed that it existed.

she met her cousins Shiro (hey, this name sure sounds familiar..) and Sanae (it seemed like they're really big bullies...). and she met another boy called Kazuto, who had also been dreaming about the mysterious house. to prove that he was telling the truth, he showed her his sketchbook. apparently, he would draw his dreams whenever he woke up from nightmares. there were pictures of the house, two children rowing a boat, a long-haired lady lying dead under an old clock, and a boy's dead body (which was obviously Kazuto).

then the 4 of them met in front of a huge lake near Yukari's uncle's house. and the "dream house" appeared out of nowhere across the lake. the cousins found it interesting and they crossed the lake with a boat (a-hah...). and never returned.

so Yukari and Kazuto decided to visit the house, determined to change their fate (as in, they didn't want to let their "dreams come true". which i think they shoudn't've done that. typical. =p). they met a tall man and a long-hair woman (ooh..), who're actually Shiro and Sanae. Shiro explained that, according to a diary found in the house, "the time flow strangely in the castle". the cousins had become adults before they even knew it.

they blamed Kazuto and Yukari for making them trapped inside the house and tried to kill both of them. after a short game of tag, Sanae found the 2 of them. in the nick of time, Kazuto threw an oil lamp at her, and she was burnt to death. right, the one that died under the old clock wasn't Sanae, after all.

later, Yukari fell down the stairs and fainted. when she was awake again, Kazuto was dead. Yukari was very confused and scared. in order to find out who exactly was the lady in her dream, she hid herself in the old clock in the room which she had often dreamt of. Shiro entered the room. to their surprise, there was another person in the house. a long-haired lady. (*scrolls up* man, another long post..) she stabbed Shiro with a knife, and immediately after that, Yukari dashed out of the old clock.

before the lady could stab her, the clock collapsed and hit the lady. and so she died. now, everyone in the house's dead except for Yukari. (yay..)

strangely and suddenly, everything started to change. when finally the change had stopped, all 3 dead bodies disappeared, the clock was back in its position, and Kazuto's drawings vanished from his sketchbook. and i think because of this, Yukari's gone crazy.. =p

while she was trapped inside the house, time passed by. days. months. years. she wrote a lot of things inside Kazuto's sketchbook. and started having dreams about herself being killed. dreams about a little girl. "i'm going to die if she comes. is that my fate? NO! i have to try and change my fate. for that, i shall wait."


so the long-haired lady's actually Yukari herself. (= o =''')

typical. hmm.


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