Sunday, March 12, 2006

- nichiyoubiyori 日曜日和: a fine sunday -

currently listening to - Amano Tsukiko (her music's cool)
mood - blabberish

hiropi's been barking, as usual. he didn't bark for nothing (from experience), since he's always disliked wasting energy for pointless actions (right...). left.

ANYWAY.. today, it wasn't the "vegetable-car man" (that's what we call the vegetable vendor who visits his sibling a.k.a our immediate neighbour almost everyday), instead, it's that flirtatious b!tch! no, i'm not screaming vulgarity. it's that female dog. once in a while, she's seen frolicking around the neighbourhood like a crazy chicken, causing chaos and disturbance all over the place (i.e. making each dog or potential dog bark at her).

i wonder if anyone will come and complain again. hiropi's really sensitive towards bitches (he's gay, so he despises them), that's why he gives out exceptionally loud barks along our row of terrace houses. and we know this would get irritating if he continues, even though most of the time he's proved himself helpful as a "security guard".

there was once, when we're still living in the old house, a grumpy man (who lived diagonally opposite us) appeared in front of our gate and started shouting for the head of our family. then dad tackled with him. he complained something about our dogs (man, sonny's involved as well) barking whenever they like. we couldn't really protest about that statement, 'coz hiropi and
sonny were barking madly at him ever since he approached. he warned us to control our dogs (shut them up permanently), or else he'll call the authority.

in actual case, he's the one having a dog that barked all day long even if nothing happened, not us. everyone else in the neighbourhood agree with us.


went lunching at kfc, even though H5N1's so rampant. =p

then, we sent my sister for her piano theory revision class in the city half an hour's drive away from our present house. tomorrow's she'll be sitting for her 1st ABRSM theory exam (grade 5). man. theory seems so ancient to me now. we were discussing about uses of tremolo and tenuto and blah blah blah.. until suddenly.

dad dropped me in front of my friend's house without telling me earlier.

bravo. so i went ringing the doorbell awkwardly, not knowing if they're even at home. the unexpected rain has really caused a lot of damages here and there in the city. i saw our secondary school. a lot of the roof tiles were gone. the "pondok" near the school field had somehow flew past the school and landed outside the main entrance. many trees were either de-rooted or being sliced off. phone lines, broadband, everything.. destroyed.

some say it's a bad omen. scary. i mean, how would rainfall cause so much destruction? there must've been tiny tornados, i guess.

to my (slight) delight, i was welcomed into the house. awkwardly. ate yet more lunch. nice sticky white porridge. but the green bean soup tasted funny. like coffee. and watched Mai-HIME. finally. this time, i've reached episode 6. quite an improvement, eh?


note: "pondok": check the malay-english dictionary, will ya? =p

what a long post.


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