Sunday, March 12, 2006

- norwegian salmon -

"Then, we began looking for the mother kangaroo. The father kangaroo, unlike his wife, was easy to spot - the biggest and most silent of his kind there. He was scanning the green leaves in the feed box with an expression similar to a composer whose talent had long dried up. The other two females were identical in build, identical in fur colour, and even identical in expression. Calling either of them the mother was probably fine.

By the time we were about to leave, the father kangaroo was still searching around in the feed box for any lost music notes. "

translated (by me. i don't have the english version, sadly.) from "A Fine Day For Kangarooing" (Kangaruu Biyori) by MURAKAMI Haruki.



it's funny how some people tend to "repeat history" - whether intentionally or not, i have no clue.

a certain someone A posts a question on his thread in a forum. people begin offering their answers. then, a certain someone B realises that he's got the most accurate answer, so he corrects the others by posting 'the correct answer should be "toilet bowl"'. next thing he knows, there're arguments. then, the arguments are settled.

after a few posts, people start suggesting yet more answers like "coconut milk" or "norwegian salmon" or "purple barney" or "sailor chibimoon", AGAIN, just like what they did initially, before B came out with the best answer.

and the pattern repeats again and again and again and again and again and.. till someone starts thinking the moderator should delete the thread, or, at least, lock it, so that the rondo: alla turca will finally - or hopefully - end.



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