Friday, March 31, 2006

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mom busted my bolster.

err.. some of you might be wondering why the hell do i use a bolster (oh, actually i have TWO. the other one's safe and sound.). i don't hug them when i sleep. they're those tinier ones used as armrests and things like that. no doubt i do sleep with them at night (err..).

'they're stinking smelly,' said mom, and she chucked them into the washing machine (i didn't know she actually did that till i was told about the disaster. i thought she'd bathe them manually. grr...). when next we peeped into it.. yeah. fluffy fluffy.

rest in peace. darling. i shall not forget you, even if i happen to get another identical one (which is quite impossible). by the way, it's a blue-coloured mister donut souvenir. served me loyally for over 10 years.


the inspiration of sharing my thoughts about chinese foreign names crept into my mind. and with this, i'll end my post. till next time when i've settled down in my new dorm.

geez. some are alright. but... why can't they make some of the names sound nicer...? or was it done on purpose..

note: this is my way of interpreting the names in chinese. there are other possible meanings.

Africa: 非洲 = The Continent of False (what the..)
Bulgaria: 保加利亞 = Protection Increase Benefits Asia (huh...)
Canada: 加拿大 = Add Take Big
Denmark: 丹麥 = Pill Oat
England: 英國 = English Country
France: 法國 = Law Country
Germany: 德國 = Moral Country
Israel: 以色列 = Line-up With Colour
Jamaica: 牙買加 = Teeth Buy Add
Kenya: 肯亞 = Willing Asia
Malaysia: 馬來西亞 = Horse Come West Asia
Mongolia: 蒙古 = Cover the Past
Portugal: 葡萄牙 = Grapes Teeth
Singapore: 新加坡 = Newly Added Slope
Spain: 西班牙 = West Class Teeth
Turkey: 土耳其 = Muddy Ear That
US of A: 美國 = Beautiful Country
Vietnam: 越南 = Cross South

ah whatever.. i'm too lazy to translate all of them..


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mexico: 墨西哥 = Ink west brother
China: 中国 = Central country
Japan: 日本 = Sun Book

Thursday, May 14, 2009 2:38:00 AM  

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