Wednesday, March 15, 2006

- [s]ekolah [r]endah [j]enis [k]ebangsaan -

currently listening to - SRJK's Bring Me To Life *a-hah..*
mood - bueh tahan. please inquire wikipedia for manglish. thank you.

was "cleaning up" my laptop. clicky here and clicky there. delete here and delete there. then, i found a folder which i realised i've seldom visited.

"NJ Prom".

riiigghhht... well, nothing much to see actually, mostly snapshots of girls in black. there's one video clip though. the first performance by a group of people who called themselves "SRJK". in malay, it actually means something like "national elementary school". hah.

it's rather embarrassing during the performance. my mics' weren't working. that's why during the piano solo, only those who were near the stage (like.. the principal) could hear the piano. and the harmonisation.. forget it. well, at least we didn't make any mistakes. as far as i could tell (as far as i could remember).

this brings back a lot of memories on music performances and competitions which i have taken part in. LOL. the embarrassing moments are still so vivid when i come to think of them. i screweed up the short interview on lyrics composing during our 1st "big" event held in our last year of high school - the national chinese songwriting competition. we got the silver medal in the end, so it's quite a fruitful experience. during the 2nd "big" event - another national chinese song competition, but held in singapore -, the electronic piano screwed up. when our song approached the "peak", it suddenly went mute. tadaa. so we're royally "out".

there's one thing which bothers me a little, though. each time, the organiser would tell us they provide a P-I-A-N-O. and each time, we're provided an E-L-E-C-T-R-O-N-I-C P-I-A-N-O. see the difference? somehow, to them, they're the same. swissotel, on the other hand, is a hotel, so.. it woul've been weird if a hotel doesn't have a piano, right? well, unless it's a lousy negative-five-star hotel.

i've counted, and swissotel had not only one, but four - one near the lobby, one near the upper end of the escalators, one outside the ballroom, and one, the one i used, within the ballroom. nice. i wonder if there're anymore in the building. =p


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