Saturday, March 04, 2006

- a wild slip chase -

currently listening to - Amano Tsukiko
mood - a bit restless, not sure why

finally... after so many gazillion hours of not being able to access the internet with my darling laptop (err..).. had an one-and-a-half-day stay in singapore to get my results. went by bus.

departed around 9am on 1 March with a few other old people. not sure why i was the only young (youngER) one around. the 5-hour busride was, as usual, very tiring. i hate traveling. be it by bus or by plane. i can probably sleep comfortably in my dad's car, but not other vehicles. anyway.. there was a middle-aged couple sitting right next to me (i sat along the single seat column, by the way), and they were never quiet throughout the journey. the husband yawned and burped extremely frequently (and loudly, so that his beautiful voice could reach every tiny part of the bus), and the wife was constantly yelping and squealing excitedly on the phone. no use listenig to my cd player with its volume maxed, even if i had it with me at that time.

reached my destination after 2pm, and i totally missed the principal's speech on praising the top-scorers and complaining about the drop in standard for general paper (no, i dunnow if she'd really said that). the juniors were all so eager to know about the seniors' results. sigh.. what if mine were so bad to the point that i was embarrassed to even tell my mom.. but it turned out alright, in the end. not very good, but not too bad. no doubt i had the most colourful result slip among my group of friends (i.e. a lot of different letters for my grades). literally (umm.. or is it "abstractly"?) passing the exam with "flying colours". most of the others did pretty ok, though there were definitely unexpected results. but don't ask me what i got. thank you.

what really depressed me was that... there was hardly any money left in my bank account. ( º Д º );;; *iyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa*

lived overnight at the boarding school (the 5-star prison where i was helplessly trapped for the past 2 years) in a 2-bedder room. slept for about 5 hours and woke up around 6am the next day. then i decided i should take some snapshots of the hostel so that i can reminisce with them when i turn 50 (sadness..).

had a boring, lonely stroll along toa payoh and orchard later in the morning, after eating pancakes in macs. saw an isolated old man trying to converse with people about his running nose problem. saw a shabby-looking girl sitting along a corridor in takashimaya, scanning intently on her physics reference book. saw the very superbly extremely huge notice about Hello! Singtel shifting to another place which i have not a single clue where the hell is it. saw the complete set of newly published Shinsengumi Imon Peacemaker with new cover designs in kinokuniya (of course, i bought all 5 of them, and i went broke).

in the end, i went in a rush, and came back in a rush as well. but i did accomplish the major things which i planned to do there. the next time i'm going to singapore will be the time i'm transitting to japan (yeah, though i'll be stuck inside changi during that few hours of stay).


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