Sunday, April 02, 2006

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since i seriously have nothing to do at the moment (waiting for dinner to be served).. can't possibly finish packing now. i still need my toothbrush and alarm clock and......

currently listening to - Don't Cha (by DJs, NOT by The Pussycat Dolls)
mood - bored (obviously)

for those of you who happen to not know what my title means: it's a smiley. not something.. obscene. hint: you hafta look sideways (and ignore the hyphens at both ends. they're decos for each post.). get it? get it?


someone asked if i'm nervous/excited/anxious again yesterday. i said no and shrugged. again. and she exclaimed something like this: "你已經超越了凡人的層次...." in cantonese. erm.. i don't really know how to explain this in english... if translated literally, it's "you've already exceeded an ordinary person's level"...... nevermind. basically it's a unique answer. heh.

really. it's true that i don't feel anything different in me. not that i'm indifferent towards things. not that i don't care what kind of new life i'll be starting tomorrow. 3 words: i don't know.

well, the thing is, you probably don't care whether or not if i'm telling the truth, right? as long as there's an answer to the question.


which reminds me that.. we don't know if a certain person's lying or not, even if he or she says "it's true". today's not the same as the olden days, as the chinese saying goes. we're now living in a world of lies. that's my impression of today's society. the best we can do is to judge each statement with our own perspectives and beliefs. whether or not others think the same, it's not up to us.

this sounds so deep. ugh.. debating isn't my cup of tea. i hate arguing. not really good in putting my thoughts into words. it was a nightmare when i represented my school for interschool chinese debate competition (but we got overall 3rd). no doubt the 1st place went to the organiser school (as usual).


alrighty. gotta finish typing mom's journal. don't like traditional chinese IME.. always gives me wrong words. but, ah well... =p


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