Monday, April 10, 2006



reporting from computer number 3, computer room, osaka university of foreign studies, japan. hohoho. darn, i forgot to bring my speech... and i forgot to bring my digicam adapter!!!! argh.. cannot upload photos.. nevermind. next time la.

yeap. reached japan safely. now i live in one of the newest dormitories in the campus. small room, but very comfortable. the attached bathroom, if exclude the basin and toilet bowl, is approximately one AFP unit. hehe. the language centre (which i will be going for the new few months till i finish my preparatory course) is really just a stone's throw away from where i stay.

there are 60++ students for this year's batch (for the preparatory course), from all around the world. malaysia, singapore, brunei, vietnam, mongolia, romania, france, fiji, etcetcetc... speaking of which, i haven't met any PRCs yet..

by the way, the campus is situated on top of a small hill, so it's a little cooler (it's around 10 degrees celsius now) than downtown. WHICH MEANS THAT... we're far far away from the city central...... it takes about 15 minutes (by foot) to reach the nearest convenience store (a.k.a store like 7/11) or post office. and it takes about 40 minutes (by bus. luckily there're lots of bus stations around the campus) to reach the nearest subway station. i.e. ULU. =p despite that... we have stores within the campus, so i guess we'll be able to get most of the basic necessities without getting out of the campus.

just finished the 1st orientation and now i'm happily blogging in the computer room. no internet access within the dorms, but i can spend up to 90 minutes a day in this place. which is very near my dorm as well. :D

next we'll (for those who have learnt japanese only) be having a placement test on japanese language (i don't think i'll like it) so that we can be divided into classes according to our level of proficiency. haih.. must work hard. got competition. =/

alright i think i'll stop here for now. right now i'm thinking of how to let u guys know about my mailing address and phone number (yeap. there's a phone in my room and... free incoming calls!! nyahahahaha..). gotta go for lunch. ciao!


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