Wednesday, April 26, 2006

- yawn... -

currently listening to - the rumbling sounds of people hitting their fingers on some things called "computer keyboards".
mood - extremely exhausted (due to boredom)

first of all, i want to clarify that i'm not bored 'coz the lecturer/teacher/sensei/whatever you call it.. was very boring. it's just that the teaching contents of the classes today were hard to become interesting. am i making sense.. hmm...... 1st period: kanbun (chinese ancient literature/language...?), 2nd: kobun (japanese ancient literature), 3rd-4th: thank god i'm not a social science (art stream) student, otherwise i would've been sleeping throughout the 3-hour long japanese history & politics class. anyway, i had a 3-hour physics class instead. and i'd say it's not that interesting learning how to write and pronounce things like "triangle" or "straight line" or "4/3-pi-r-square" in japanese. for 3 hours.

well, lessons have been going on for more than a week, and more or less we've gotten used to the weekly schedule.. as in, when to wake up and bathe, have breakfast, stroll 3 floors up the language center, dash towards the canteen for food like crazy chickens (my favourite packed food always sells damn fast) etc etc etc... just finished the placement tests for physics and chemistry, but unfortunately....... APPARENTLY, the mathematics placement test goes on for 3 weeks (hint hint, thomad. don't pengsan.). heard from one of the teachers that there's some special purpose in holding a menakutkan-ly long test for this particular subject. *sighs...*

as you might know... ok. you probably don't know. our campus is situated in some super duper ulu place. in mua dad's time (ooh.. so does that mean papa's my sempai?), it wasn't on top of this slopy place (which made me break 4 newly bought eggs while struggling in pushing my bicycle up towards the dorm), instead it was relatively more strategically situated downtown, where convenience shops are really convenient. in any case, i guess students going to osaka-gaidai (if you happen to not know, it's full name is osaka university of foreign studies or osaka gaikokugo daigaku) and tokyo-gaidai obtain different kinds of experiences, both having their own advantages and disadvantages.

in osaka, we get to live with nature. the air is cleaner (probably). there're less distractions (in the form of... entertainment?). we pay less for accomodation. and we learn japanese language and the major subjects concurrently (so basically, it's tougher for students who don't understand japanese). plus, we can learn the almighty kansai-dialect and kyoto-dialect.

in tokyo, they get to experience the hustle and bustle of a huge city (ie. it's more interesting than listening to you own heartbeat. osaka-gaidai is THAT quiet.). everything is much more convenient, as i've said (post office, bank, convenience shop, restaurants, karaoke, disco.. blah.). AND THEY HAVE FREE INTERNET ACCESS IN THEIR OWN ROOMS (bloody hell, i don't even have a laptop...). they learn only japanese for the 1st half of the year (ie. their class schedules are much much much nicer), and major subjects will only be taught during the 2nd half of the year.

and they have a higher chance of entering todai (you know, the priority thingie).


but i think i'm rather satisfied for being a osaka-gaidai student. don't ask me why. well for one thing, i've made a couple of friends (from different countries) who share similar interests or thoughts or personalities.. and for the 1st time, i learnt to cook a lot of stuff. from simple fried eggs to okonomiyaki (mmmm......). from original homemade soup to korean stew (mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm......)...

ok i'm hungry now. better feed myself before i collapse during tomorrow's maths test. =p


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