Friday, May 19, 2006

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mood - i'm damn hungry........ so what am i doing in the computer lab..

i've just come to realise that japanese kanji is actually a little difficult for me. being someone who knows all three types of chinese characters (simplified chinese, traditional chinese & japanese kanji)........ it's amazing how i have never scored full marks in any kanji test before, despite the fact that the japanese terms tested were relatively easy.

i feel stupid.

not because i don't know how to write the words. but because i carelessly mis-wrote some kanji with simplified/traditional kanji. for instance, some kanji differ with the "original" chinese characters by one tiny stroke (okay... let say the difference between T and t. ), which i would only find out after the test. each time (4 kanji tests were carried out so far). thanks.

well, fear not. i'm not aiming for perfect score anyway (according to our kanji teacher, throughout his teaching years, there was only one guy who scored perfect for every single kanji test. by the way, he's a singaporean.). so who cares. as long as i get most of the correct. =p        げ、生意気…

can't wait for summer to......... BE OVER (fine it's not here yet). according to the seniors, every summer they had a hard time tackling annoying cockroaches and other insects that invaded their room. the most dangerous intruder is the centipede clan. heard that one person actually died from a centipede attack.

sigh... worst of all, summer in osaka-gaidai is exceptionally hot. one kuwait senior said that she couldn't take summer in gaidai even though she comes from a all-year-summer country. hmm..


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