Tuesday, May 16, 2006

- ini satu kecil dunia selepas semua -

since i've not blogged for some time.. here goes.

well, yeah i kinda realised that the world is actually small. but recently i've come to realise that this world is, indeed. very. small.

when i 1st received the letter of acceptance for the scholarship, i realised that i would be studying in the same university which my old man went 36 years ago (hmm.. there're 2 language universities for monbusho scholars in japan - tokyo & osaka).

on the 2nd day of arrival in japan, i met the only singaporean monbusho scholar in this university (who later became my classmate). before long, i found out that i had been living in "his" hostel for 2 years and we've never met each other before (ie. he's a hwa-chongian. but a year our senior, which means that we're of the same age).

on the very same day, i found out that the indonesian girl i've been looking at (i did that coz she looked super duper familiar) was our fellow hcibs mate. hint hint SAJC people.

then, we went to the sakura-seeing party. and apparently one of our seniors is my SMKSU senior (who's under the very same infamous bio teacher of all time).

and yesterday, i met my primary schoolmate at the staircase when i was about to dash out of the IT building for the bus (and obviously i missed it). dang, she's now 1 year faster than me... (she doesn't have to take a 1-year preparatory course).

small world, ne.

so does that mean that the malayseans will one day re-unite somewhere in this small small world too? :D


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