Wednesday, June 14, 2006

- i feel pressure around my stomach (fats) -

currently listening to - Ito Yuna
mood - worried (about overweight)

is this what life is all about? getting a scholarship, expecting that everyone in the language center will be working hard so that he or she will be able to enter a good university the following year... and here i am, going for outings every week, either to play or to eat. suddenly the road to kanto-area university seems so distant.

nah joking (only the last sentence though).

went Kyoto-outing 2 days ago (was is monday? yeah..). a self-organised trip by UA1 (my class name, by the way..) a.k.a the aho class (the insane class), supervised by our Japanese Culture teacher (one of the coolest teachers we have).

1st we went to the Kyoto Gosho, the place where japan's previous emperors used to live. took a few snapshots and ran around the place like crazy chickens (coz we almost couldn't make it for the last entrance registration).

an hour later, we visited a kyo-gashi (kyoto sweets) shop and spent an hour there watching the sweets-making process (and obviously tasted some very nice sweets + 2 types of japanese tea, Maccha aka Green Tea & Bancha). costed 800 yen (about S$15) in total.

then at 5pm, we attacked one famous Shabushabu (a type of hot japanese pot food) place and had Shabushabu tabehoudai & nomihoudai (eat-and-drink-all-you-want) which costed 2,500 yen (more than S$40). overall it was extremely worthwhile. since we ate non-stop for 2 hours. probably ate 20 trays of roasted beef & pork (1-2kg?). and a tray of vegetables. and a tray of tofu. and a pot of udon. 4 big glasses of oolong tea, a few mouthfuls of beer and fruit liquor, and a sip of melon liquor (which tasted like anibiotic).

by the way one tray is about the size of a laptop screen.

made a lot of noise in the restaurant and we almost got kicked out.

then we took purikura on the way to the train station. also, some of us had triple-scoop ice-creams from Baksin 31 Robbins (after all the pounds they got from tabehoudai..).

most enjoyable of all, i walked back from Kitasenri train station to the campus. again. together with 2 insane people. after 1 and a half hours, finally, home sweet home.

thought that i would never wanna eat anything for the rest of the week. and yesterday night, while togo was still leading korea, i ate roasted meat again.


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