Wednesday, July 26, 2006

- a little too freakingly hot -

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"A Little Pain" by OLIVIA inspi' REIRA (TRAPNEST). anime Nana's latest ending.
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snapshot of some crazy foreign girls at Osaka's Tenjin Matsuri by stalker P. ....... =p

finally, the summer holidays are approaching... finally, i have the chance to reveal my sleeping talent. hohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohoho. yeah, holidays are great. but there's a price to pay (literally). cannot imagine how much i'll be spenging during the holidays when i can hardly save up half of my monthly allowance... and right after the holidays, it'll be the september exams... sigh... life is hard. sometimes.

new Ghibli movie is coming out soon!!!! Gedo Senki!!! aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh......... damn you japanese cinemas.. why are the movie tickets so bloody expensive. in the meantime, i think i should snatch my friend's Earthsea and read it thoroughly before watching the movie.. hmm. might not be able to make it in time neh..

1st semester ends this friday (to be more exact, it ends on next tuesday since my class has make-up lessons). time really flies. sometimes. i.e. it moves in varying velocities and accelerations ranging from XXX to YYY, on a distorted sinusoidal path #"%'$(=)()YIG)%F'$('&)J('%D$#%&#$"$#"!ITBKJOJ('dsj23v.......

ahem. excuse me. side-effect of being a member of UA. for those who dont know what's a UA (which includes almost 100% of the visitors of the blog), it is an abbreviation of Ultra Aho ("idiot" in japanese), a society founded in april 2006 in OUFS. it's main function is to help create a lively (noisy) atmosphere in the OUFS Centre of Japanese Language and Culture, as well as to organise fun-filled outings (which often turn out to trouble the public) for the members so that their lives will always be full of excitement.

hemu and muimui will be coming to visit me during the holidays! nyehehehe! in tokyo. (err. wait a second. shoudln't you come to osaka if you wanna visit me?) during the last week of august. (err... wait a second. that's the last week of my holidays.....) how am i supposed to prepare for the exams???? ah. *shrugs* blame osaka (too kampung. i.e. there's nothing exciting here ohter than temples) & bolehland's holidays (why does it have to be in late august..).

today's a warm wednesday. sunny. burning. fire. 蝉.... insects everywhere. disfunctioned stove. uncomfortably thin walls. no money. when is D.Gray-man 9 coming out... why is the anime going to be out so soon... and when the hell will Nabari no Ou 5 be out.. dang. i think i'm having heat stroke. that's why everything i say doesn't make sense here.. *checking weather report with mobile* today's weather. average temperature 33 degrees............. celsius (obviously. can't reach 33 farenheit in osaka i suppose). OH MAI GA......... please don't let my air-con die..

but i just don't understand why japanese girls are able to bear the extreme heat, wearing long-sleeved shirts during daytime... salute.


by the way, UA is actually the name of my class.


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