Monday, September 04, 2006

- i've finally bought new, non-auntie sandals -

currently listening to - Negaraku

just joking..

currently listening to - These Boots Are Made For Walkin' (Ito Yuna)
mood - damn.. holidays are over...

first of all, photo exhibition!!! if you happen to wonder, the following photos are all taken by me and i didn't get them from other places. =p

prawn doria. potato+sausage gratin. fried chicken. corn soup. steak. coke. etc. oh bravo.
@ Skylark in front of Chiba University's Nishi-Chiba Campus.
dammit, i'm drooling.

lovely kyohou (some kind of giant grapes) in Katsunuma Budou-kyou,
Yamanashi Prefecture.
some handsome owl in Inokashira Kouen, Tokyo.
by the way (for some people's information),
the Mitaka Ghibli Art Museum thingie is less than a km's distance away from this place.

home sweet home. so true... sometimes. to some, who are unable to return home so frequently (partly due to stinginess) - LIKE ME - the dormitory would probably be the best substitute for home.

ahem.. if you don't get what i meant, was i was trying to say is: i love my room. it's rather obvious, since i was able to spend half of my summer holidays in my room, NOWHERE ELSE, doing nothing but watching TV, eating and sleeping (and occassionally peeping into reference books scattered around the room). pretty prepared for the september exams, eh? prepared to die.

but then, sometimes you really can't stand your own room (then sit down lorh), no matter how passionately in love you are with him/her/it/whatever. in happened to me *quite* recently, when i peeled my newly-bought garlics. it's quite easy to tell what happened next, right?

thought that i'd be in my dorm-mates' way (and it's embarassing, coz i'm slow) if i'd done it in the kitchen, so i ingeniously brought my knife and the entire bag of garlics into the air-conditioned 11msq room (i.e. bad ventilation).

for the first time, the toilet smelled better than the bedroom. of course, having such attractive fragrance in the room wasn't totally a bad thing. at least i won't need to worry about being attacked by vampires. or even their dear 'fanged relatives' (the centipede clan).

maybe i should try cracking durians in my room one day.

in any case, stopping the air-conditioner for a while and opening the windows to ventilate the room during summer will be a bad idea. i'm not quite sure if the insects will die of suffocation once they invade the room.


SPEAKING OF INSECTS, we accidentally (?) found free wireless connection in the campus (eh? anything to do with insects ka?)... the connection speed's lovely. i might say it's better than the one i used in singapore. the only annoying thing was that the server logs us out by itself from time to time.

automatic vending machines are right in front of you, and you can enjoy the night sky and natural air-conditioner (it's quite cold at night now) while downloading *weird* stuff like crazy. plus, you can enjoy free show by adorable performers like praying-mantises and cockroaches. audience participation is availabe. a friend of mine was so stunned when a big fat green praying-mantis greeted her from behind her laptop lid. wonderfu environment for surfing (the internet).

it's just that, i don't have a laptop.


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