Thursday, September 21, 2006

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currently listening to - Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (Shimamiya Eiko)
mood - confused

i am pretty much free now, waiting to be called to re-sit the mathematics paper (but if i were to be called, almost everyone else in the science stream would have to re-sit the test as well) and trying to study kanji for tomorrow's *yet more* test (but as you can see, i'm not even paying attention to the kanji textbook), might as well post something on the blog, neh?

the temperature difference between the highest and lowest temperatures in one day is rather scary nowadays. during daytime, sweatdrops (or more accurately, sweat-streams?) irritate you to the point that you wanna curse the scorching sun; after dinner time, you begin to think that you should've bought a longer winter jacket to protect you from the howling wind. not joking. it was freaking cold last night when i was scrutinising my grammar handouts. outside the dorm.

speaking of howl, kimutaku (Kimura Takuya in short. if you don't know him, go ask wikipedia) appears too often in tv commercials. 1st you see him in a black suit twisting his curly hair and dancing along with the "I~ can give you gatsby~... " song, then you see him examining a Nikon D80 digital SLR saying something like.. "すげえ…ああ、やっぱりいいわ、ニコン。" (= "awesome... ah, Nikon's good.. as i expected")....... and then he turned into a were-rabbit when he saw the moon in the Fujitsu laptop... and so on.. there's another one that's got something to do with coffee i think..... ah whatever.

so the september exams are finally over but i'm not completely relieved. probably because another BIG exam will be haunting us in december. and i am pretty sure that even if i get a perfect score for maths in this coming exam my average score for maths will still be a C. yay, cookie cookie cookie starts with C.

anyway. the UA members (plus a few external members) made a bet: the one who gets the highest total score will have to treat (most probably ice-creams) the rest of the people who participated in the betting. and i am safely out of the "top scorer" category. i think.

22 september (fri... tomorrow) - the usual weekly kanji test (chapter 24, 25).... gah...
23 september (sat) - kyoto outing with UA members + japanese culture teacher. try out kyoto dishes. visit shrines and temples. at night, we'll be having something special for dinner as well (nepalan dishes?).
30 september (sat) - outing with seniors. location not fixed yet.
8 october (sun) - harvesting rice at teacher's place in nara.

looking forward to the harvesting outing very much. wonder what will the 2 jokers (who squealed and went berserk around the paddy-field after being greeted by a few frogs and earthworms during the previous outing) do this time. no more slumpy field. no worries about earthworms and probably less frogs. but i can so imagine that this time, the sky will be filled with dragonflies and grasshoppers. i mean, they are better high-jumpers than frogs, right? :D


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