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it's halfway through the finals and the holiday-mode in me has already been turned on. i'll be receiving my 1st papers back tomorrow morning and have my japanese conversation test in the afternoon (after getting my japanese culture paper), and here i am fooling around (?) with the internet. was supposed to update my blog by reporting on ___________ which is supposed to be up on 14 november but i didnt manage to finish it..... and as you can see, i'm too lazy to finish up the last part......... so it's not up yet. please be patient (who?).

fear not. the siaokia blog is not dead yet (though the owner might be half dead due to lack of sleep due to mugging due to exams...). let's put on something light 1st...

was introduced to this new anime called sumomo mo momo mo. there's this japanese tongue twister which goes "sumomo mo momo, momo mo momo, sumomo mo momo mo momo no uchi"........... which means................ "a plum is a peach, a peach is a peach, both plums and peaches are of the same family". the anime's storyplot's somewhat..... crazy. the following is the lyrics for the anime's opening theme, and you'll understand how crazy it is (i hope) after reading it thoroughly.



お慕い申しております 一生尽くしてゆきます
殿方好みの女へ 磨きをかけてゆきます ゆきます
全身全霊の 気をここにたぎらせて
ヤリがふろうと お命お守りします

今宵こそは ほとばしる正義と 今日も明日もとめどなく
みなぎる力の遺伝子を 掛け合わせて
この地上で最強の子孫 御家の為に残しましょう
たったひとつのこの操 す·も·も!

辰は舞うように東へ 戌は愛されて西へ
まみえぬ運命のとばりを 互いに越えてゆきます ゆきます
疾風迅雷の 奥義を薫りに変えて
連綿と連なる 命の営み しましょう

罪を正す強き御心に あなた様を感じます
二人の夜の愛の果て そう 愛の果て
この地上で最強の子孫 私 この身に宿らせて
和平の証といたしましょう す·も·も!
時はやがて 動き出す

十月十日 時が過ぎゆけば すもももももも しなやかに
二人の愛が実ります ああ 実ります
この地上で最強の子孫 この世の為に残しましょう
たったひとつのこの操 す·も·も!

すももも ももも(押忍!)


now that you have seen a colony of unknown shapes and strokes, here's a translated version of the song by someone called DarkMirage (see people who have confidence in refining the translation please dont attack me. the main point here is to get a rough idea of what the thing above is talking about, ne?


Strongest Child Project - MOSAIC.WAV
Let’s make a child!

I humbly declare my love for you.
I pledge my whole life, to become a woman liked by men.
I will keep training myself, never stopping.
Please let me hone my body and soul here.

Even if spears fall from the sky, I will protect you.

Tonight is the night, a night of surging righteousness,
It will not cease, not today, not tomorrow.
Let us combine our genes full of swelling vigor,
And leave behind the world’s strongest child for our families.
My one and only chastity, Su-mo-mo!
I humbly offer it to you.

The Dragon faces east with grace, the Dog faces the west full of love,
Draw the curtains of unseen destiny, as we pass through each other, never stopping.
The lightning speed techniques change into a fragrant smell.

Let’s fulfil our duty of life without interruptions.

In my heart of strength and justice, I feel your presence.
At the end of our night of passion, a night of love,
Please let me bear the world’s strongest child,
And make it a sign of harmony, Su-mo-mo!
Time will start to move.

Ten months and ten days, time passes by, the plums and peaches turn supple.
Our love bears fruit, fruit of our passion.
Let us leave behind the world’s strongest child for the world.
My one and only chastity, Su-mo-mo!
I humbly offer it to you.

The plums and the peaches too! (osu!)


BY THE WAY the part about ten months and ten days (十月十日). Put the radicals together and you get 萌 (moé!).
-- quoted from DarkMirage.

really eh... wah biang.


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