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- tokyo chapter: jump dattebayo!!! -

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december holidays are short. still, many had decided to return to their home countries. as for UA, by tomorrow, everyone would probably be home sweet home, rolling on their fluffy beds lazily... except for me. who insisted on not going back and, instead, joining a friend for her tokyo-nagano-tokyo trip.

some of you might be wondering, why take the trouble traveling back and forth of tokyo, why not make it nagano-tokyo or tokyo-nagano? well.. the answer is pretty simple. the annual Jump Fest will be held on 16 and 17 of december, plus, there will also be a winter anime convention on new year's eve. by the time we found out about this, the nagano plan (which we planned to go on 22 - 26 december) could not be altered anymore. but *of course* we cant afford to give up 2 important anime conventions just because of a 4-day trip to a snow kingdom, riiiight?

thus the current plan.

hai. next.

so we took a night bus for shinjuku from osaka (umeda) on 15 december. right after lessons. more like an orientation for new class schedules for 3rd semester next year though.. the busride was so horrible i drooled quite a few times whenever i dozed off............. no connection. anyways, it's not like i've never taken a night bus before. oh no. but it really was an encouragement for me to strive for kanto universities. by shifting to kanto, i wont have to take horrible night buses anymore when i wanna go to tokyo.

we arrived at the lonely (yet to become crowded. it's bloody sleeping time...) shibuya station at 6am. strolled (more like dragged..) up and down the station in search of coin lockers which are big enough to fit 2 huge suitcases (smart us). thanks to an extremely friendly-looking guardsman (who doesnt listen attentively to what you say), we managed to find a hall full of coin lockers. in the basement. and lucky for us, there were no elevators or lifts leading to that place, so we had the opportunity to train our biceps and triceps by carrying our suitcases down the staircase.

hadnt been sleeping well, so obviously we were exhausted. but the fun of the day hadnt began yet. we were supposed to meet a friend at 8am, and together we were scheduled to go to chiba for the 2006 Jump Fest. since we had ample time, it was best we take a rest and munch on something to fill our stomaches. and so we planted our butts in front of our coin lockers and moved on to our 1st breakfast in tokyo. for once i thought we looked exactly like those homeless people who linger all around tokyo.

^ homeless ^

anyway, let's ignore that and get on to the main event of the day. Jump Fest!! yayyyy!!!!

actually it's my 1st time going to an anime convention in japan. at 1st we thought we would be the only normal-looking adults (?) among the many kids and otakus.... though we might just be in the same category as the otakus...... "hearing 100 times is not as good as seeing once", as the saying goes. there were people from different age groups. of different ethnicity. many people. oh yeah, this is what i call "people mountain people sea". the chinese proverb finally has its use.

^ gin-san (from gintama). darn his eyes are so attractive.. ^

firstly, the convention is divided into 2 sections, the exhibition section and the goods section. we rushed for the limited goods and my friend ended up purchasing towels and posters of various anime, and me, nothing. what do you expect? im not a wallpaper person, i dont even write out kanji in red and black markers on cardboards and stick them all over the walls.. and to me, the towels are too pretty to be used as... towels. what am i talking.

in the end i bought only a black dgrayman mugcup and saucer, with a pink candle in the mug.

then we went to the exhibition section. spotted many many cosplayers, of course. some were, just as i thought, erm... in the "mada mada dane" state. but there were some who're really cool. could have taken pictures with the cool ones if we knew there was a special section for cosplayers (visitors werent allowed to take pictures of cosplayers in the exhibition halls). apparently our other friend (who came to the fest as well) took a picture with a orochimaru cosplayer. from what we saw from the photo, the make-up was really good.. darn i missed it.

kinda took a fast tour around the exhibition zones (there were 3 zones. not only exhibition on Jump manga like naruto, one piece, dgrayman, gintama, bleach etc.. there were game exhibition too.. like.. nintendo, sega, square enix etc etc..). i got very drowsy during the journey, probably coz of the warm air-conditioner and the sea of people (i get tired easily when in this situation), so i slept on my friend's lap till the final Jump Stage show began.

^ jump stage. during the one piece + naruto show the whole hall was filled to the brim. ^

the jump stage is a stage which held programmes about the voice actors / actresses in each Jump anime. and the last one was a joint event between one piece and naruto. we actually saw the true faces of the voice actors of Luffy, Sanji, Zoro, Nami, Usopp, Naruto, Kakashi and Sasuke. PLUS. we saw Odacchi and Kishimoto!!! waaaaaaaaaaaaaa................ did i sound like an otaku just now? alright, for your information, odacchi (Oda Eichiro) is the author of one piece, and Kishimoto Masashi is the author of naruto.

had a good laugh during the show. the emcees (voice actresses of Luffy and Naruto) asked the authors a few questions, and the other voice actors were supposed to guess what kind of answer would the authors likely give. there was this question "what kind of trouble do you face when drawing manga" or something like that (i cant remember... it's been 3 days...). and Yamaguchi Kappei (voice for Usopp) went.. "chinko".

and that's the end of our 1st day at the fest (eh?). well yeah of course we went on the 2nd day as well. missed the cosplayers remember? and there's another one piece show in the afternoon!

dropped dead that night. i've not been moving so much for a very long (?) time... but i learnt something new that day. dgrayman and gintama are unexpectedly big among anime fans. the number of cosplayers for these 2 anime tells everything. then again, reborn is getting famous too.

you dont understand a word of what im talking about, do you? oh dear i think i've started speaking gibberish again. must be the after-exam stress..


1) mada mada dane = you still need to work on it
2) orochimaru - a Naruto character. villain. he's fairer than michael jackson.
3) chinko - err..... am i allowed to say it here? go check it out yourself please.


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