Thursday, December 14, 2006

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so many things happened throughout the past few days i have no idea where should i begin.. i suppose this "holiday" report will not stop at one post. let's see... shall i start from last friday then?


8 december. a very.. shall i say, bimyou day?

the UA's finished the final paper right before noon, and each of us received a small packet of rice. that was a reward for staying alive in this deserted mountain top throughout the exams. or so you may think. it's actually the rice which we harvested when we went to our teacher's place in nara in october.

in the afternoon, we still had chemistry lessons. of course, it began with the exciting, heart-stopping here-are-your-results ceremony.. which half of the science students got full marks, even after the teachers picking on spelling errors and overly accurately written significant figures of numbers.. and to our delight, the teacher carried on with a mock test. if im not mistaken it was a past-year chemistry paper for entrance to university, for JAPANESE students. let's say the difference in levels of difficulty was like between.. digging your ear with a finger and with a toe?

nevertheless the most fun-filled moment was after chemistry lessons, when our teachers announced all our results. was generally satistfied with my marks (except for, you know, maths..), but one thing that i wasnt happy about was that.. there was a deduction in marks for my conversation test because i "paused at weird timings" and "i did not talk much about myself in my speech". im sorry i didnt know i had to speak like the elevator lady and at the same time appeal myself like im competing for miss universe.

here we go again. the snobbish me.

so, to celebrate the end of finals, 2 of my best friends and i went to *the more civilised* umeda for dinner, together with our dear beloved senpai. at 1st we had no idea where to go and what to eat... but.. god lead us the way and we arrived at a eat-all-you-want chinese restaurant (which turned out to be another izakaya along that street).. costed around 2k yen. relatively.. reasonable price. though our food took quite a long time to reach our table. and in the meantime the bitchy shiroyuu went on complaining about exam results and that sort of rubbish. but yeah, overall it was nice and i felt pretty much... rejuvenated (eh?) after dinner. thank you my friends (for being able to withstand me) and sorry because i was being egoistic. tehehe.

that night, we decided to visit book plaza and rent the entire harry potter series. plus. audrey hepburn's roman holiday (i dont know why). PLUS. the exorcism of emily rose.

watched emily rose right after returning to the dormitory. and by the time the movie ended it was actually 3 something in the morning... which, if you have watched this movie you'll understand why... that was my 2nd time watching the movie. and surprisingly it wasnt frightening at all. probably coz the 1st time i watched in a proper cinema with nice wide screen and excellent speakers, and good screen resolution.. anyhow, watching the movie with english subtitles was definitely better. im sorry my hearing skills for english is not good enough... bwaah.

finally we called it a day. i wasnt particularly delighted because exams was over (and im still not), but it was a fun day.. not to mention i started spending money again.

- end of chapter 1 -

next chapter's preview: saturday (next day ka..). shopping in namba.


1) bimyou - weird
2) izakaya - japanese-style bar (??)


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