Sunday, February 10, 2008

- winter not-so-wonderland -

since i no longer own a personal digicam, i've learnt to abuse the camera on my mobile ;)

i look out from the window, only to find everything in white! :o yep, it's winter. tokyo version.
aah.. the unwanted bicycles have little white hats.. winter, from my mom's living room. from the parking lot under my mom's room.
a little girl is playing all by herself, aww..
weee.. to Mt. Fuji! more Mt. Fuji, from the assistant seat.. hmm? what's that?? it's Fujikyuu!!! no obviously we didn't go to Fujikyuu.
got off along the freeway near Kawaguchi-ko to take photos of Mt. Fuji...
but it's blocked! dammit..
instead we found these.. ice hut! man-made ice garden.
i wonder what are these people trying to make..

expansion bridge, i see. would definitely look nicer during illumination at night.
but we couldn't stay there for long..
got on the car again.
one last snapshot of Mt. Fuji.
by the way, this is how Mt. Fuji look like from my university.
check out the tiny white triangle in the middle.

just so you know, we didn't go to Mt. Fuji either. we (as in, my family) went shopping at the Gotemba Premium Outlets. there was a big sale going on. Michel Klein, Elle, Vivienne Westwood, Gucci, Body Shop, Jimmy Choo, Skechers, Triumph (yeah and Wacoal too), Dolce & Gabbana, Hush Puppies, FCUK, 無印良品, Lego.... you name it. my sister got 2 pairs of shoes at Nike for her birthday (yep it was her b'day). and i got a jeans skirt for 1,900 (original price... i don't know) and a jacket for 1,000 (original price 13,000) at my favourite Gap and Benetton outlets (no not Gucci i can't afford that). my mom got herself 3 bags.. and my dad got himself into paying for the goods. LOL. well, indirectly. he gave us cash as birthday presents (dad you're the best), so indirectly he was paying for us, innit?


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