Friday, March 28, 2008

- probably the most productive day in march -

playing GE (or SNW), another online game by the creator of RO. lol.... can't help it, i'm too bored in the room. it's a 3D game, unlike RO, and my laptop couldn't take it.. so i decided to order another memory card to increase its RAM.

which i got like.. today. hah!


had a date with Susan at Ikebukuro. i was late because i had some problems with the teikiken - the station staff refused to renew my student-teiki because i didn't have my tsuugaku shoumeisho with me (which i don't usually have to show the station staff when i renew). then i realised i could have done it with one of the ticketing machines.. well it's not that i've been ignorant, just didn't know that i could do that since my teikiken includes 3 different train lines controlled by 3 different companies (Tobu, JR and Tokyu).

so we ate at Denny's. a freaking huge lunch, which actually freaked out the waitresses and the girls sitting next to us. i ordered a carbonara and a lasagna, whereas Susan got herself a pasta and a doria. and both of us had free flow of drinks. which, to many of the Japanese out there who have small/normal stomachs, seemed like a lunch for FOUR people. when the waitress served us 2 of the plates, she stared at us and stared at the remaining 2 plates on her tray, and she actually walked away to her colleague with a troubled face.. and we were like, "no, excuse me! here! it wasn't a mistake, these are all for us.."

yes we're crazy gaijins, thank you...

then we watched Enchanted at the cinema opposite Denny's (gotta love Sunshine City, it's very convenient). it was very funny, as expected from a Disney movie. predictable, in a sense - happiness which you obtain easily often turn out to be short-lived or not the best choice in your life, and you'll end up gaining happiness elsewhere, from something you've never considered a priority before. i had to make this vague, since some people haven't watched the movie and i don't wanna give out spoilers =p

after the movie, we shopped at the nearby Tokyu Hands for things to decorate my room. my old room, the one i've been living in for a year. suddenly i was so inspired to change its appearance.. perhaps i was still dissatisfied with how it looked like, after having "reformed" it once already. first i found a nice hanger stand for my overwhelming number of clothes - my wardrobe is stuffed with half of them and i've been using the metal rack to keep the rest of them, which is not quite the way i like..

also bought 2 acrylic boards to make my own "wall" - since i'm not supposed to stain the room wall by directly sticking stuff or drilling holes on it (actually i can't even if i want to, it's just not sticky enough)... there were funky nets too. we were thinking of hanging them from the ceiling just to make the room more homey, but i didn't buy them in the end.. and Susan was so obsessed with this hot pink chain thing she wanted me to get it as a room decoration.. obviously, proposal rejected.

and so in the evening you could see 2 crazy gaijins running in the streets with crazy big Tokyu Hands goods. the acrylic boards were about 2m x 1m wide each, so even after stacking them on top of each other it still looked huge. on the other hand the hanger stand parts were kept compact in a box, so it was about 1m x 0.3m x 0.1m in size. of course Susan was the one who carried the bulky boards, lol.. we surfed through the sea of people, from Sunshine City to the station, into the train, towards my dorm. occasionally molesting Japanese people with the boards and they stared at us with confused faces.

dropped by the electrical goods shop to collect my 512mb memory card. costs a little more than 5,000 yen. i was very tempted to get the 1gb one since 512mb is only cheaper by 2,000 yen, but the sales attendant said that it's not advisable and professionals would get a memory card with the same size as the one provided in the laptop. i guess 2 x 512mb will be more than enough for now, although it says on the guidebook that my laptop can take up to a maximum of 2gb RAM...

enough of computer geek talk. apart from interior stuff, we also shopped at 306 and Claire's. and since we had a heavy lunch, we settled at Baskin Robbins for dinner.

like i said, this must be the most productive day in the whole of march, since i've not been doing much other than playing, eating and providing free labour for moving..


1) teikiken - commutation ticket/season ticket.
2) tsuugaku shoumeisho - student commutation certificate (to prove that a person belongs to a certain school/university so that he/she can buy a student-price teikiken).


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