Thursday, January 01, 2009

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31 december 2008

had breakfast at Eminence at 8am. first buffet in a very long while. scrambled eggs, bacon, sausages, toasts, potato salad, oranges, cornflakes with milk, and grapefruit juice. yum yum. there was Japanese-style cooking too.

after that, i headed straight back home. truth is, i’ve only attended the class (Building Materials and Construction I) once or twice, and i’ve not read more than 3 pages of the textbook. so i expected that a lot of time would be taken reading through the textbook before i could understand the 7 assignment questions. or rather, was it possible to start from scratch 12 hours before the deadline? you must be thinking, “hah, slacker, serve you right!” i know procrastination is bad. but i won’t be me if i don’t procrastinate, right? it’s become one of my definitions :p (psh..)

4pm. progress = 5.5 / 7. time to get ready for dinner, i.e. shower and get dressed. and set up my laptop to record Kouhaku at 7pm.

had dinner at Meguro’s La Boheme with my family and a few friends from Malaysia. the party menu was something like this…

~ hokkaido octopus ceviche

~ caesar salad

~ insalata caprese

~ fried squid rings

~ spicy chorizo

~ pizza margherita

~ Japanese-style spaghetti with sliced chicken

~ melanzane

~ risotto

~ assorted desserts

it wasn’t quite enough, so we added 2 pizza *grins*

returned home to finish up my assignment. after a short conflict (the table that i created with MS Word got screwed up and half of my report disappeared lmao) with gmail, i sent my report at 11.30pm. moral of the story, never copy and paste forms or tables directly from other places. and always have it backed-up (whew..).

thought of watching Kouhaku but it’s too long, so i watched some niconico videos until the countdown began. called my sister (who was about to sleep) because my parents slept, and we wished each other a happy new year before going to bed. 2 years ago, i celebrated New Year on a bus. last year, a group of us went to Yokohama in search of fireworks and phailed. this year, it’s all about Niconico Douga. …… variation banzai?

the first thing that i did in year 2009 was watching a 60–minute long Niconico video about Zekkyouken’s recordings. the second thing… oversleeping.

baibai 2008!!!


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