Monday, July 27, 2009

- craving for some old anime? -

i'm not sure why, but i've been wanting to watch Kiki's Delivery Service ;p
even though i've watched it like... a gazillion times.

just for the lols.


L33T much? ;D


finals just started today.
and i've already made a fantastic careless mistake in calculation.
which probably took 25 points away. 25 out of 100. woot.

anyways, the schedule.

27 JUL - Structural Design I (建築構造設計第一) ← Done.
30 JUL - Structural Mechanics II (建築構造力学第二)
31 JUL - Environmental Engineering and Building Services I (建築環境設備学第一)
4 AUG - Geotechnical Engineering (地盤工学)
4 AUG - Strength of Materials S (一般材料力学S)
*Well at least it isn't three subjects in a day... >__>

7 AUG - Environmental and Structural Engineering Laboratory I (建築学実験第一)
*Basically, an experiment report on refined concrete.
8 AUG - Special Study of Japanese Culture II (日本文化特論II)
*Empat ribu perkataan, eh? Cam mane boleh abis dlam sehari nih?

28 JUL - Cleaning up the Drawing Room.
14~19 SEPT - Field Survey of Historic Buildings (建築史実習)
*Date subject to change.


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