Thursday, February 04, 2010

- Sunday Ikebukuro Sunshine: The Land -

It’s.. “On a bright Sunday noon, my friend and I met up at Ikebukuro, and we went to Sunshine City. We started off by visiting land animals at Sunshine International Aquarium on the top floor.” In short.

Visiting..? Hmm.. Never mind. Anyway, that was my first time going to the aquarium in a very very… very long while. The previous time was probably 20 years ago. (Umm.. Did I just expose my age..?)

Photographs from the Zoo-Zoo Plaza (the name of the land animal section, apparently) ↓

IMG_0058 [元の解像度]The Sea Lion Show.

IMG_0061 [元の解像度] Baby Fennec Fox. Aren’t they just adorable?

IMG_0072 [元の解像度]Mr. Parrot. He talks only when he’s in a good mood.

IMG_0080 [元の解像度] Hedgehog or sea-urchin?

IMG_0084 [元の解像度] Ring-tailed Lemur. It was running around in the house freely.

IMG_0095 [元の解像度] Little Squirrel Monkey.

IMG_0101 [元の解像度] Ducks. What else can they be. But they look cute... Should have cropped this photo a little.

IMG_0106 [元の解像度] Sunfish! They’re called “mambo” in Japanese. ;D

Moving on to the marine animals section in the next post!


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